Watch books – Let WorldTempus take care of your holiday reading Replica Watches Essentials

Whether you’re fed up with reading pulp fiction on the beach and want something more stimulating; whether you are a fan of a particular watch brand and relish the opportunity to learn about it inside out; or whether you need a high-quality tome to adorn your new designer coffee table, WorldTempus has the perfect book for you in its daily competitions over the summer.

We are offering around 20 books in our daily competitions, some of which focus on the history of a brand, others on more general watchmaking topics. Thanks to our friends at Watchprint, for example, we are offering titles such as “Watchmaking in History, Arts and Science”, by Catherine Cardinal, and “Moonwatch Only”, which has quickly gained a reputation as the must-have reference work for any serious fan of the Omega Speedmaster.

Fans of Alpina, Armin Strom, Bovet, Fabergé, Frédérique Constant, Glashütte Original, TAG Heuer, Urban Jürgensen and Zenith can all look forward to the chance to win what are in some cases substantial reference works on the brands in question. The books covering the 150-year history of TAG Heuer and the 240 years of the Urban Jürgensen dynasty both weigh in at several kilos. Those looking for some holiday inspiration may find it in Laurent Lecamp’s book “Independent Luxury”, which draws on the author’s experience in building brands in the luxury sector.

The Gumball 3000, because it’s known, began life on British beaches, but is now a really global event, together with the course shifting each year to keep things interesting. The rally, which has not avoided controversy since its foundation in 1999, is popular with celebrities and wealthy civilians, all of whom drive the car of their choice on the public road course in pursuit of glory or the excursion of a lifetime. How then, will a project that intends to inject a number of the Gumball Rally’s characteristic chaos into the brand fare?When I heard about the triple-header release, I had no idea what to expect. The Gumball Rally appeared a really “out there” selection of cooperation for such a strait-laced brand, but one I was looking forward to seeing. I sort of hoped that Armin Strom Cognac Watch Replica goes down the wacky Swatch course and totally trick out these timepieces with daring, goofy graphics and eye-popping fonts instead of the (understandably) more controlled approaches of brands like Omega together with the America’s Cup Watch or Tag Heuer with the Formula One pieces. What resulted was something in between that could either strike the right balance or leave you feeling a little flat.The difficulty with pulling off a celebratory collection like this is becoming enough event branding to the piece with no getting a grotesque billboard. With this collection, Armin Strom have managed to incorporate the Gumball 3000 script emblem into the plan, but does it work? Do these watches have sufficient Gumball to send the right message, or does the labelling jar too much with its fancy framework? Let’s take a peek at the collection, piece by piece to learn.

Books are not the only thing that you can win in our summer competitions, however. There are other prizes perfect for the holidays, from Raymond Weil beach shorts to Hublot polo shirts, Seiko tote bags and even a passport holder from Wolf. Try your luck every day from 21st June to the 21st September and check out our homepage every Monday to find out what you can win over the coming week.