High Quality Swiss Made Steel Vacheron Constantin Overseas World Time Replica Watches

New Vacheron Constantin Overseas World Time copy watches adopt sporty style in 2016 which possess very powerful functions, which are widely accepted by watch enthusiasts.

Steel Vacheron Constantin Overseas World Time Replica Watches

The Vacheron Constantin fake watches with steel cases are classically decorated with rotatable central world map. Due to the three-dimensional design, the dials are full of textured feeling. Uniquely, the watches are set with city disc of 37 time zones completely, including some rare time zones, so they are more advanced than those watches with 24 time zones.

Steel Vacheron Constantin Overseas World Time Fake Watches

Also, the dials are also set with 24-hour disc to provide day and night display, and hour and minute scale rings, which can make people obtain very useful time functions. Moreover, the central hands are particularly covered with white luminous coating so that people can also get good readability in low light conditions.

Steel Vacheron Constantin Overseas World Time Copy Watches

Designed with 43.5mm in diameter and 12.6mm in thickness, replica watches with sapphire crystals are equipped with screw-in crowns to ensure 150 meters’ waterproofness, and they are quite antimagnetic so that they can maintain stable and precise at any time. Because of luxury and dynamic appearances, and practical functions, the watches can be quite appropriate for travelers.

To cater to the interest of different people, functional fake watches UK sale can be matched with steel bracelets, rubber or alligator straps. Through the transparent case backs, the delicate movements structure can be perfectly appreciated.

High Quality Cheap Replica Baume & Mercier Men’s 8724 Riviera XXL Watch Review

The replica Baume & Mercier Men’s 8724 Riviera XXL is a watch that has a sporty-look, and a sporty bezel, a sapphire scratch-resistant dial window and a good 200m water resistance. The watch feels and looks strong across the board and I think that this should last for a long time. Also, I always expect this kind of protection for sport watches.

The replica watch is not just your ordinary sports watch, but is a sports luxury watch which is clear with its sporty design elements. It is different than other sports luxury watch with over-the-top sporty designs. You can easily tell that the Baume & Mercier Men’s 8724 Riviera XXL Watch is indeed a sports luxury watch, inside and out.

Its build quality alone is serious business. Having a 200m water resistance rating means that the replica watch will be suitable for any marine activities, also, it is  powered by an automatic movement. The watch features precise timekeeping on a whole new different level.

High Quality Cheap Replica Baume & Mercier Men’s 8724 Riviera XXL Watch Review

Product Features:
  • No battery needed; gets power from your arm movement
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Scratch-resistant white dial
  • 43mm stainless steel case
  • Date display
  • Chronograph
  • 200m water resistance
  • No need to worry about the battery.
  • Luxurious design.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Precise timekeeping.
  • You need to adjust the time at least once a month because its seconds runs a bit too fast.

Baume & Mercier has showed us their excellence in design and craftsmanship before. The fake Baume & Mercier Men’s 8724 Riviera XXL Watch is just one of the products of their imagination, excellent craftsmanship, and technical proficiency. The cheap replica watch truly defines what a sports luxury watch should be.  It’s hard to find another sports luxury watch that is as good as the fake Baume & Mercier Men’s 8724 Riviera XXL Watch when it comes to design, features, and functionality.


Longines is a Swiss brand which was founded in 1832 and is best known for its many sporting collaborations and sports watches. For example, Longines timed the first ever modern Olympics in Athens in 1896. The brand is rooted in sports and hasn’t stopped exploring timing over the years e.g. launching an automatic timing system in 1912 that was all the rage. Longines has set the benchmark in the most famous sporting competitions and lent its name to a variety of races and events. Its values of style and classicism ooze from its slogan: “Elegance is an attitude.”

longines avigation watch type a closeup

Longines introduces replica Avigation Watch Type A-7 1935, which takes us back to the 1930s to be exact. The 41mm steel model stands out for its dial angled at 40°which enabled pilots to see the display without having to let go of their aircraft’s controls. The model was also commissioned by the US army in 1935. The polished white lacquer dial on the fake Avigation Watch Type A-7 1935 is seriously retro with oversize honey-coloured Arabic numerals and blue pear-shape hands. The monopusher chronograph has a central seconds hand, 30 minute counter at 12 and date display at 6. The watch is covered by anti-glare sapphire crystal and is waterproof to depths of 30m.

When Longines decided to restore a classic to its former glory, it held onto the functional side it had for the army e.g. the notched crown was designed so it was easy to handle even in gloves. The fake timepiece has a self-winding ETA L788.2 calibre with a monopusher and column wheel chronograph mechanism and 54-hour power reserve. The movement has been especially designed for Longines and controls the chronograph’s various functions. All you have to do to start, stop or reset the watch is press the button built into the notched crown. A brown alligator strap with a pin buckle secures the fake watch to your wrist.

High Quality Fake Cheap Swiss Made Jacob & Co. Epic SF 24 Watch Review

Jacob & Co.’s unofficial mandate is to continually impress and surprise its core base of customers, which is targeted members of the ultra elite, the people who tend to buy  fake Jacob & Co. watches aren’t looking for sheer value or refined brand prestige. What the people who buy Jacob & Co. replica watches want is novelty and originality. As Mr. Jacob Arabo’s enduring mission is to satisfy his customers, his challenge is to keep things fresh, keep things interesting, and in many cases keep things complicated.

Replica Jacob & Co. Epic SF 24 watch came from isn’t really inspired by anything Jacob & Co. has in the past – which is actually a point of pride for the brand given that they are always trying to come up with something new. I don’t think we covered the replica Jacob & Co. Epic SF 24 on aBlogtoWatch when it first came out a few years ago. We did, however, cover the new-for-2016, even more high-end version called the fake Jacob & Co Epic SF 24 Flying Tourbillon. What’s that all about? Well, you guess it, it is the fake Jacob & Co. Epic SF 24 watch you see here, but with the inclusion of a large flying tourbillon on the dial.

Jacob & Co. Epic SF 24 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

In titanium sans and precious stones, this is about as bare-bones as a replica Jacob & Co. “complicated” watch gets. What’s complicated about it? Well, the entire concept of the Jacob & Co. Epic SF 24 watch is simple, and that is to adapt the notion of a “split flat” (where the “SF” part of the name comes from) system as the world time indicator. The interesting world time indicator system of course needed to be integrated into an otherwise traditional watch, so here the designer sort of attached the cylindrical-shaped split flat system on the top part of the case.

Jacob & Co. Epic SF 24 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The marriage of a round case with the attached region for the world time indicator works, but it isn’t what anyone might refer to as the peak of elegance. There is a handsome functional sense to the logic in how the watch works, and its overall utility and legibility. It earns praise there, but I wouldn’t call the replica Jacob & Co. Epic SF 24 a conventionally attractive luxury watch.

It is, however, remarkably comfortable. Put the fake Jacob & Co. Epic SF 24 on your wrist and you can hardly believe how comfortably it fits. I’ve actually experienced this with a number of Jacob & Co. watches  – many of which seem to have totally weird cases. The brand does seem to put a lot of effort in to wearing comfort. It might not be a universal rule, but in the context of strange watch cases, more feel comfortable on the wrist from Jacob & Co. than I find is the case with odd watch cases from many other brand

Jacob & Co. Epic SF 24 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

At 45mm wide (water resistant to 30 meters), the fake Jacob & Co. Epic SF 24 case has a nice solid feel to it along with the customary low weight that comes from its titanium construction. Much of the case is also made from pieces of AR-coated sapphire crystal, as well as inset rubber along the sides of the case, in the crown, and for the world time indicator adjuster button. Most of the case is just 13.65mm thick, but the case has its maximum thickness of 16.7mm thick where the world time capsule is.

Jacob & Co. Epic SF 24 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Jacob & Co. Epic SF 24 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Split flap information display systems are uniquely appropriate because they, like mechanical watches, are a vestige from before the electronic screen displays and were often found in places such as airports and train stations. A series of flaps rotate in a circle like an old Rolodex to indicate various information. This is adopted to a world time indicator where the flaps indicate a reference city as well as a time in 24-hour format to the right of the reference city

Jacob & Co. Epic SF 24 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

To set up the world time system, as with similar watches, the user needs to synchronize the fake watch to their local time, and then adjust properly. A push on the button to the left of the split flap system advances the reference time zone ahead one hour. I do hope Jacob & Co, designs the split flap world timer system to be very durable because who ever wears this watch is going to be constantly playing with this complication.

High Quality Fake Swiss Made Formex DS 2100

Formex DS 2100 is a technical diver timepiece with a dynamic allure, combines the essentials of design, quality and robustness. Like all Formex models, it features the patented suspension system.

  With an exciting overall aspect and clear square-round fake Formex DNA, the  DS 2100 stands out of the crowd. The prominent rotating bezel with large numbers and a minimalistic dial design, offer perfect readability, whether you are way below the surface or simply use it in our day to day life. Equipped with a sapphire glass, the DS 2100 is ready for the most extreme under-water encounters or the occasional bump against a hard object. The case back offers a look into the inner workings of the movements

formex ds 2100

Its patented case suspension system not only absorbs shocks but also significantly adds to the wearing comfort of all fake Formex watches. The replica DS2100 comes in a wide range of colors, straps and bracelets and is also available with a quartz movement.
formex ds 2100

Fake Formex timepieces are now exclusively available in the brand’s own online store which allows them to lower the prices by almost 50%, by cutting out the retailers. Features like free super-fast shipping and free returns add to the benefits of buying directly from the brand. The prices include all taxes and import duties for international shipments.



Case Diameter:



Titanium G2 / Stainless steel 316L 1.044




Patented case suspension


20ATM (200 m)


black dial


sapphire crystal anti-reflective and hard-coated


Titanium/stainless steel bracelet with folding clasp

Swatch Replica SISTEM51 IRONY Swiss-made hands-on review

The Sistem Arrow from the new Swatch Sistem51 Irony collection.Two Swatch made quite a splash at Baselworld when they unveiled the Sistem51 collection, automatic fake watches powered by a movement composed of incredibly few, only 51 components, assembled automatically a few years ago. Mechanical fake watch movements would usually have at least twice as many components, but the Sistem51 manages to run for 90 hours when it is fully wound with a precision of +/- 10 seconds per day. I was among the first here in Canada to have my hands on a Sistem51,  and I was so impressed with it that after I returned the loan sample, I bought one for myself. In the past two years, I wore it quite often, it is my go to fake watch when I want something light, casual and with a good power reserve.

The Swatch Sistem51 Irony collection

This summer, Swatch introduced the Sistem51 Irony collection using the same movement but with a higher end, 316L stainless steel case and even some models that come on a stainless steel bracelet.

Here, I could have borrowed any of them, but given the wide selection of models, I needed to make a quick visit to the nearest Swatch boutique to help me decide. I really like the two models that have a blue dial, the Sistem Boreal on a bracelet and the Sistem Fly with the brown leather strap, but the shape of these fake watches is all rounds and curves that with their polished surface look too feminine for me and I finally opted for the Sistem Arrow (YIS403) model, it really stood out from the lot, because of the sandblasted finish of the case and I also liked the old-school B-Uhr dial layout.

The new Swatch Sistem51 Irony and the first generation Sistem51.

If my Sistem51 is so light, it almost feels like a quartz fake watch, the Sistem51 Irony is getting a lot closer in weight to a regular mechanical replica watch, offering that reassuring feeling of having a solid timepiece on your wrist. Reading the time too got a lot more serious, the playful solar system dial layout is replaced with a serious B-Uhr layout. B-Uhr is actually a short way of saying Beobachtungsuhr, which is German for observation fake watch. These were highly reliable, precise fake watches that were developed for German pilots during WWII, being part of their flight instruments. They were produced only by a handful of companies and they are easy to recognise because of their dark dials with high contrast numerals, indexes and hands, plus the typical arrow at 12 o’clock, all painted with luminous coating. These days, B-Uhr dial fake watches do not serve as navigation instruments anymore but are sought after by replica watch aficionados for their fantastic legibility.

Swatch Sistem51 Irony Sistem Arrow

It’s really nice the way the designer at Swatch created the transition from the fake watch case to the dial, using the gear-shaped bezel. The black top of the bezel continues the same divisions as the hour indexes, giving the impression of a larger dial. Continuing toward the centre of the dial, the black chapter ring features the minute and hour divisions, that continue on the dial. As with B-Uhr fake watches in general, the main numerals are actually marking the minutes, and the hours are printed in smaller characters — for a pilot minutes were more important than the hour.

Swatch Sistem51 Irony Sistem Arrow

Since you opted for an automatic fake watch with only 51 components, you want to see all the miracle happening under the hood, and for Swatch this is yet another opportunity to be creative. With every Sistem51, the movement becomes a canvas for the fake watch designer to play with. The movement of the Sistem51 Irony is decorated with grey checker pattern that gives the illusion of a sphere.

Swatch Sistem51 Irony Sistem Arrow

On the wrist, the Sistem Irony has a serious presence, I would say, it comes with unusual proportions for a unisex fake watch. This impression does not come from the size of the fake watch, but the lack of lugs gives the case a rather bulky allure. It never really occurred to me with my plastic Sistem51, but with the steel version, the 50.6 mm in length takes up the entire wrist, without the break a fake watch case with conventional lugs would offer.

The Sistem Arrow is matched with a black rubber strap that feels sturdy and comfortable, almost inviting to take it for a swim, but be careful, the case has a water resistance of only 30 meters (3 Bar), meaning that it is splash resistant, and it is not recommended for swimming or diving.

Sistem51 Irony Sistem Arrow

Now that I’m about to return the Sistem Arrow to Swatch, the breakup is still difficult. I have my Sistem51, which I find special because it was one of the first models, but the new Sistem51 Irony feels a lot more like a serious timepiece, it’s the Sistem51 for the grown-ups. The Sistem Arrow reminded how cool it is the long power reserve that this movement can offer, I would put it down and after more than two days, I would find it still ticking and keeping a decent time.
A lume-shot of the Swatch Sistem51 Irony

Presenting the New Richard Mille RM 11-02 Dual Time Zone Jet Black Limited Fake Edition

The new Richard Mille RM 11-02 Flyback Chronograph Dual Time Zone Jet Black Limited Replica Edition was presented yesterday at the SIAR 2016 in Mexico City, from where we are currently reporting. These are the very first live pictures of the new fake Richard Mille Jet Black that we were able to capture yesterday as we went hands-on with the watch. Ultra light, dark and ready for flight. The new RM 11-02 Jet Black limited edition is poised to become travelers’ most useful, comfortable and stealth companion with a full black NTPT carbon case. The case, measuring 50.00 mm x 42.70 mm x 16.15 mm is made of the unmistakable looking NTPT carbon that fake Richard Mille released for the very first time in October of 2013 and that have quickly become one of the most utilized materials from this manufacture. NTPT stands for ‘North Thin Ply Technology’ and is a material originally developed for the sails of racing yachts. Sails manufactured from this material are highly resistant and light. NTPT carbon is so light and resistant, that it has also been heavily used for Formula 1 car chassis for the last five seasons.

The Dial

Fully skeletonized looking thanks to the use of a thin sapphire crystal dial, the PVD-treated titanium movement is fully visible on the dial side. Somewhat complicated in terms of readability but nevertheless great looking, the new replica Richard Mille RM 11-02 Flyback Chronograph Dual Time Zone Jet Black brings functions that are essential to the lifestyle of today’s travelers with a 24-hour flyback chronograph at 6 o’clock, annual calendar with oversize date at 12 o’clock and month indicator at 5 o’clock, 60-minute countdown timer and a UTC feature for the indication of a second time zone via a bright red hand and a convenient GMT pusher on the left caseband. As a special touch, there is a red 88 on the lower left corner of the dial, reminding the wearer of the limitation of this very special watch.

The Case & Strap

The tonneau-shaped tripartite case this time is fully made of black NTPT carbon and features the traditional oversized pullout crown with black O-ring and a black carbon pusher at 9 o’clock on the caseband that is used for setting the second time zone. This specially shaped and engraved pusher —as well as those placed at 2 and 5 o’clock for the chronograph start/stop and reset functions— is fully in line with the highly recognizable design cues of the RM 011 collection with etched lines inspired by the pedal surfaces of racing cars. The new fake Richard Mille RM 11-02 Flyback Chronograph Dual Time Zone Jet Black Limited Edition is equipped with the traditional vented black rubber strap with titanium DLC-coated double folding clasp.

The Movement

The beating heart inside this 88-piece limited edition is the fake Richard Mille in-house RMAC2 automatic movement. This calibre is an automatic winding movement, that heralds the brand’s first flyback chronograph. Crafted entirely in grade 5 titanium and hand finished, the calibre features an annual calendar, a 24-hour flyback chronograph, a 60-minute countdown function and a dual time zone function. The movement is fully visible via the display case back. The 38-jewel automatic movement provides a power reserve of 50 hours.

On the Wrist

On the wrist, the new fake Richard Mille RM 11-02 Jet Black wears true to its size and extremely comfortable. The wrist presence of this watch is perfectly in line with the price tag and if you like all black cases with red accents this is a watch that should tick all the boxes for you. Available in a limited edition of a 88 pieces, this watch will be exclusively available at fake Richard Mille boutiques throughout the Americas starting in November 2016.