Romain-Jerome Deep Blue Octopus Limited Edition Watches Replica Replica

ROMAIN JEROME Deep Blue OCTOPUS 888FT - dial detail - Perpetuelle

A limited edition of only 25 pieces, the new Deep Blue Octopus from Romain-Jerome is a superb design centered around the sea creature.  What was once merely a caseback embellishment — a black sprawling octopus — is now front and center  on the dial, along with a wicked cool lume-set that brings the Watch Replica alive in the dark (see lume shot below).  As with other Octopus models (like the Black Octopus I took with me to the Bahamas a couple years ago — hands on review here), the Watch Replica also sports a notched bezel made of rusted and stabilized steel infused with steel from the Titanic, although for this Watch Replica it has also been given a black PVD finish (which renders the use of rusted Titanic metal pointless, IMO), but the look does go along with the overall design.

I’d love to get my hands on one of these!

Romain-Jerome Deep Blue Octopus

limited edition 25 pieces

ROMAIN JEROME Deep Blue OCTOPUS 888FT - dive Watch Replica  - Perpetuelle ROMAIN JEROME Deep Blue OCTOPUS 888FT - caseback - Perpetuelle

Here’s the aforementioned “lume shot.”  The Octopus eyes as well as the cavities filled with Superluminova “blue emission” shine at night:

ROMAIN JEROME Deep Blue OCTOPUS 888FT - lume shot - Perpetuelle

Oh, and its water resistant to 888 feet.

Neat Watch Replica !


My review of the Black Octopus can be accessed by clicking the image below!

Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA Octopus #womw