Outlook 2017 – Claude Greisler, co-owner Armin Strom Replica At Best Price

2016 : “A great deal of production and development effort has been expended in the field of resonance, culminating in the launch at the SalonQP of our new Mirrored Résonance Fire model equipped with the new Caliber ARF 15 using the principle of resonance. It is proving a great hit on the markets, with a number of special orders being placed via our retail network. Our modular system enables us to handle them smoothly and we have adapted our stock. All watches are rhodiumed and we deliver with a choice of colors. On the sponsoring side, it has become very tough to motivate people to take part in events because they are over-extended, but they do on the other hand ask to visit the Manufacture !”

I was very surprised last year after Armin Strom announced their Mirrored Force Resonance watch. I always regarded them as a brand which makes some interesting watches, but they never actually made a solid impression on me until this watch came together, which also appears to be the most complex version that Armin Strom currently makes. Join us as we get up close with this wonderfully impressive bit and let me tell you why this watch is indeed special.The Mirrored Force Resonance watch is so special as it combines a small and elite collection of watches which rely upon the fundamentals of resonance to improve timekeeping. For readers that are not knowledgeable about resonance, it refers to the occurrence in which a vibration or outside force pushes another system to oscillate with greater amplitude. In watchmaking, it typically refers to the use of two oscillators beating in close proximity to fortify their beat pace. The notion is that if resonance occurs, the 2 oscillators will begin to beat in sync with each other and with increased stability. This, then, equates to greater precision and better chronometric performance.This idea was first thrown around by highly famous French watchmaker Antide Janvier and Breguet over two centuries ago, and Breguet even produced some watches based on this principle. The idea may seem simple, but in practice, these watches are amazingly hard to fabricate and regulate, which explains why very few contemporary producers and watchmakers even create them. The Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance watch, therefore, joins a very exclusive club of watches.

2017 : “You are going to see significant changes, notably with more online sales options, and a major first in watchmaking inspired by the automotive industry : a configurator that enables clients to juggle with the price when ordering their watch, thereby playing a didactic role by explaining the factors that determine prices.”