Swatch Replica SISTEM51 IRONY Swiss-made hands-on review

The Sistem Arrow from the new Swatch Sistem51 Irony collection.Two Swatch made quite a splash at Baselworld when they unveiled the Sistem51 collection, automatic fake watches powered by a movement composed of incredibly few, only 51 components, assembled automatically a few years ago. Mechanical fake watch movements would usually have at least twice as many components, but the Sistem51 manages to run for 90 hours when it is fully wound with a precision of +/- 10 seconds per day. I was among the first here in Canada to have my hands on a Sistem51,  and I was so impressed with it that after I returned the loan sample, I bought one for myself. In the past two years, I wore it quite often, it is my go to fake watch when I want something light, casual and with a good power reserve.

The Swatch Sistem51 Irony collection

This summer, Swatch introduced the Sistem51 Irony collection using the same movement but with a higher end, 316L stainless steel case and even some models that come on a stainless steel bracelet.

Here, I could have borrowed any of them, but given the wide selection of models, I needed to make a quick visit to the nearest Swatch boutique to help me decide. I really like the two models that have a blue dial, the Sistem Boreal on a bracelet and the Sistem Fly with the brown leather strap, but the shape of these fake watches is all rounds and curves that with their polished surface look too feminine for me and I finally opted for the Sistem Arrow (YIS403) model, it really stood out from the lot, because of the sandblasted finish of the case and I also liked the old-school B-Uhr dial layout.

The new Swatch Sistem51 Irony and the first generation Sistem51.

If my Sistem51 is so light, it almost feels like a quartz fake watch, the Sistem51 Irony is getting a lot closer in weight to a regular mechanical replica watch, offering that reassuring feeling of having a solid timepiece on your wrist. Reading the time too got a lot more serious, the playful solar system dial layout is replaced with a serious B-Uhr layout. B-Uhr is actually a short way of saying Beobachtungsuhr, which is German for observation fake watch. These were highly reliable, precise fake watches that were developed for German pilots during WWII, being part of their flight instruments. They were produced only by a handful of companies and they are easy to recognise because of their dark dials with high contrast numerals, indexes and hands, plus the typical arrow at 12 o’clock, all painted with luminous coating. These days, B-Uhr dial fake watches do not serve as navigation instruments anymore but are sought after by replica watch aficionados for their fantastic legibility.

Swatch Sistem51 Irony Sistem Arrow

It’s really nice the way the designer at Swatch created the transition from the fake watch case to the dial, using the gear-shaped bezel. The black top of the bezel continues the same divisions as the hour indexes, giving the impression of a larger dial. Continuing toward the centre of the dial, the black chapter ring features the minute and hour divisions, that continue on the dial. As with B-Uhr fake watches in general, the main numerals are actually marking the minutes, and the hours are printed in smaller characters — for a pilot minutes were more important than the hour.

Swatch Sistem51 Irony Sistem Arrow

Since you opted for an automatic fake watch with only 51 components, you want to see all the miracle happening under the hood, and for Swatch this is yet another opportunity to be creative. With every Sistem51, the movement becomes a canvas for the fake watch designer to play with. The movement of the Sistem51 Irony is decorated with grey checker pattern that gives the illusion of a sphere.

Swatch Sistem51 Irony Sistem Arrow

On the wrist, the Sistem Irony has a serious presence, I would say, it comes with unusual proportions for a unisex fake watch. This impression does not come from the size of the fake watch, but the lack of lugs gives the case a rather bulky allure. It never really occurred to me with my plastic Sistem51, but with the steel version, the 50.6 mm in length takes up the entire wrist, without the break a fake watch case with conventional lugs would offer.

The Sistem Arrow is matched with a black rubber strap that feels sturdy and comfortable, almost inviting to take it for a swim, but be careful, the case has a water resistance of only 30 meters (3 Bar), meaning that it is splash resistant, and it is not recommended for swimming or diving.

Sistem51 Irony Sistem Arrow

Now that I’m about to return the Sistem Arrow to Swatch, the breakup is still difficult. I have my Sistem51, which I find special because it was one of the first models, but the new Sistem51 Irony feels a lot more like a serious timepiece, it’s the Sistem51 for the grown-ups. The Sistem Arrow reminded how cool it is the long power reserve that this movement can offer, I would put it down and after more than two days, I would find it still ticking and keeping a decent time.
A lume-shot of the Swatch Sistem51 Irony

The Schmid & Muller SWatches Replica Collection to be auctioned at Sotheby’s

Swatch CYCOLAC - Schmid & Muller Collection

Swatch CYCOLAC – Schmid & Muller Collection

2015 seems to be an busy year for Swatch collectors. Earlier this year, we wrote about the Dunkel Collection, the world’s largest private Swatch collection, that was auctioned off by Sotheby’s Hong Kong, this April. The winning bid reached an impressive HK$46.7 million (more than six million USD).

Swatch collectors got another chance to put their hands on another exceptional collection, the Schmid & Muller Collection that will go under hammer on November 10, 2015, as a single superlot at the Important Watches Replica auction at Sotheby’s Geneva. With its 4,000 pieces, including 1000 replica Watches Replica among which there are nearly 380 exceptionally rare prototypes, The Schmid & Muller Collection chronicles the earliest days of Swatch design. Assembled during the 1980s by Marlyse Schmid and Bernard Muller, two designers who played an important role in the artistic development of the replica Swatch brand.

The collection covers a period during which the Swiss replica Watch industry was struggling to reinvent itself. Against this challenging backdrop, a small team of visionaries, working in secret, developed a bold and innovative replica Watch, which would go on to re-popularize non-digital replica Watches Replica thanks to its creative new style and ground-breaking technology. The result of their work was a youthful replica Watch which combined the highest Swiss quality with a new, trail-blazing attitude: Swatch.

Marlyse Schmid & Bernard Muller, 1983

Marlyse Schmid & Bernard Muller, 1983

Marlyse Schmid and Bernard Muller were at the creative heart of a secret Swatch development team assembled in October 1981. The duo would be the creative designers of the very earliest Swatch models, developing the replica Watch’s iconic design.

Remembering the early days, Schmid and Muller commented:

“Much like a rock band, from the very start this small core of people forged a very strong bond, and it was an explosion of creativity, collaboration and joy – with the aim of giving the very best of ourselves for this unique project. A small team… a wonderful project… a great success!”

Swatch remains an iconic reference in the history of design. Marlyse Schmid & Bernard Muller created a replica Watch that constantly evolved: brightly coloured or in classic shades, sporty or sober, it complemented its wearer’s outfits, activities and moods. As Nicholas Foulkes, in How Swatch saved the Swiss replica Watchmaking industry, would put it:

“The genius of the Swatch lay in its apparently oxymoronic capability of being both simultaneously high quality and disposable. And the way it looked was bang on trend… it was stylish and democratic all at once… The “S” at the beginning of the name stood for “Switzerland” and for “second” replica Watch. Here was something radical: a Swiss replica Watch for weekends and for fun.”

Highlights of the Schmid & Muller Collection

The very first sketch of the ground-breaking Swatch case, named “Vulgaris”. The drawing marks the launch of the whole project on March 27, 1980.

The very first sketch of the ground-breaking Swatch case, named “Vulgaris”. The drawing marks the launch of the whole project on March 27, 1980.

Early 1983 saw the birth of “The Original Jelly Fish” (ref. GK100 SP) – the first transparent replica Watch by Swatch. Designed by Marlyse Schmid, it was launched in a limited edition of 200 pieces. This was the first “Special Model” introduced by Swatch.

Early 1983 saw the birth of “The Original Jelly Fish” (ref. GK100 SP) – the first transparent replica Watch by Swatch. Designed by Marlyse Schmid, it was launched in a limited edition of 200 pieces. This was the first “Special Model” introduced by Swatch.

The “Swatch Art Special” series of replica Watches Replica proved particularly popular when it was launched in 1985. The very first model in the series released by Swatch featured art work by “Kiki Picasso” (French painter, moviemaker and designer Christian Chapiron (b. 1948))

The “Swatch Art Special” series of replica Watches Replica proved particularly popular when it was launched in 1985. The very first model in the series released by Swatch featured art work by “Kiki Picasso” (French painter, moviemaker and designer Christian Chapiron (b. 1948))

The complex and layered design of this replica Watch was the genesis of a 140-piece edition which confirmed the anti-conformist and artistic will of Swatch creators.

Schmid and Muller preserved their correspondence with Kiki Picasso, which charts the creative collaboration between the artist and the design duo.

Kiki wrote a letter (pictured above) showing his enthusiasm to the Swatch team, saying with humour: “I heard that Swiss replica Watch enthusiasm at the end of 20th century‘s is and will ever be unbeatable. Today, in 2074, show us they were wrong.” These letters and drawings offer fascinating insight into the way these unique and striking replica Watches Replica were developed in 1984.

The Serpent, by American street artist, Keith Haring (1986). The Schmid & Muller Collection.

The Serpent, by American street artist, Keith Haring (1986). – Schmid & Muller Collection.

It took Haring two years to come up with the now famous 1986 collection of six different designs including the Serpent. The drawings on the left show the precise instructions of Keith Haring about the possible changes in colours on these dials for the “Serpent” edition. This collection was only available in the USA, making these time pieces even more exceptional and desirable to this day.

IMPORTANT Watches Replica

Sotheby’s Geneva, Tuesday 10 May 2015
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Tel. +41 22 908 48 00

Public Exhibitions
Hong Kong 2-6 October
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Geneva – 7-9 November

Spotted On Richemont, Swatches Replica To Acquire Top Level Internet Domains

With the pending registration of these Top Level Domains (TLDs) by Richemont and Swatch Group, it is certainly a possibility.  So what exactly does the future hold for websites that bypass the traditional “.com” in favor of extensions such as “.cartier” “.piaget” “.swatch” or any of the other aforementioned extensions?   Read on as we take you through this Perpetuelle Exclusive report on one of the most profound — and controversial — changes the Internet will ever experience and how luxury giants including Swatch Group, Richemont, Chanel, Hermes, Ferrari, Lambhorgini and more are staying close to the action…

The Genesis

It all starts with ICANN, the nonprofit private organization which oversees to oversees coordination of the Internet’s domain names (among other Internet management-related tasks).  After almost seven years of deliberation and policy development, ICANN launched the  New gTLD, or “generic Top Level Domains”, Program in January 2012.  The New gTLD program is profound, essentially enabling the registration of an unlimited number of domains (even those in foreign languages such as Arabic and Chinese) to compete and innovate alongside the likes of mainstays such as .com, .net. or .org.  Though open to anyone in the world, the ability to register a new gTLD requires significant capital ($185,000 per name) and resources and as such is effectively a business proposition.  The application process for new gTLDs closed April 12, 2012, with more than 1,100 applicants seeking over 1,400 new domain extensions.

Richemont Among Top Ten Applicants

original graphic source

On June 13, 2012, ICANN revealed the list of applicants for new gTLDs.  While tech blogs, computer geeks and nerds everywhere were salivating to see who had applied to own a piece of the new Internet frontier, yours truly had his eye on the ball of what matters here at Perpetuelle:  wristwatches.

Of course it was expected that Internet giants Google, Amazon and hundred-million-dollar plus-investment-backed Donuts Inc. (essentially a hedge fund investing in domain names) would be among the largest applicants.  And that domains such as “.app” “.inc” “.blog” “.book” and “.shop” would among the most popular, sought-after domains.   And indeed they were.  But was anyone expecting Richemont Group to make the top ten?  Indeed, Richemont did make the top ten list, with fourteen top level Internet domain extensions applied for:

Application Fee per domain:  $185,000

As you can see list list includes most of Richemont’s major Watch Replica brands.  Richemont also applied for generic terms such as .Watch and Chinese symbol for “Watch”, as well as  e-commerce properties such as Mr. Porter and Net-A-Porter.

Also in the mix is the Swatch Group — the world’s largest Watch Replica conglomerate.  Swatch applied for the “.Swatch” and “.Omega” extensions.


Application Fee per domain:  $185,000

Noticeably absent from the list were horology powerhouses such as Rolex (the world’s largest Watch Replica brand), Patek Philippe and Breitling, to name a few.  Also missing from the process was LVMH (TAG Heuer).  It is likely that these brands are some mix of a) clueless, and b) taking a “wait and see” approach.  Given the many unknowns and the  “slow-moving” tendencies of many these brands (particularly when it comes to the Internet), “wait and see” seems rational.

Why So Quiet, Richemont?  What Say You, Swatch?

But I wondered — what was the motivation for Swatch and Richemont?  As I mentioned in the intro, these groups also joined the likes of  Chanel, Hermes, Ferrari, and Lambhorgini — among many other high-end consumer brands — in applying for their piece of the Internet future.   My request for comment from Richemont’s Public Relations and Digital Media groups generated a “no comment.”  However, Swatch Group’s Head of Media Relations did respond to my questions and request for comment. When asked why The Swatch Group engaged in this process, the reply was:

Top Quality Swatch Replica Watch Group follows all the developments in the field of communication and considers Internet as one of the most important communication channels. It was a logical decision for Swatch Group to apply for certain new gTLDs which could be of the highest importance for its business.  Swatch Group considers new gTLDs as an interesting new communication opportunity.

Swatch and Omega are two of the most important brands in the Swatch Group portfolio.  Both brands are already today using Internet as an important communication channel.  New gTLDs open new opportunities for the communication of these two brands. How they will use and operate the new gTLDs, and when, is under evaluation at Swatch Group management level.

But What About e-Commerce?

Such a reply was perhaps expected, given the very early innings of this process.  I did inquire specifically as to whether or not Swatch intended to use these domains for e-commerce purposes, but was only given the response above; Swatch very clearly indicates that the new gTLDs are viewed as an interesting new “communication opportunity”.   I am not convinced that e-commerce is not part of the strategy here, but it’s just a hunch.

It is entirely possible that both Swatch and Richemont are securing these new domains as a defensive maneuver, with no clear plan in mind; they certainly have the financial wherewithal to do such a thing.  Or perhaps their strategic discussions at the management level are more advanced — perhaps there is a strategic end in mind, and securing these new domains is the first step in the process.  Admittedly, most all of this is purely speculative, based only upon my informed perspective on, and daily contact with, the Swiss Watch Replica industry.


So what does all this mean, in particular for you the Watch Replica consumer?  In the near term, not much.  And yes, while much of this is perhaps “inside baseball” at this point in time, there is over time a high degree of likelihood that something will come of these domain registrations.  Over the longer term, in a post ‘.com’ world, there clearly is the possibility for far-reaching implications in the manner that you will learn, interact and yes perhaps even shop for your favorite Watch Replica brands.

Perpetuelle will continue to monitor and report on any significant developments in this area.