Swiss Replica Linde Werdelin Launches “LW Vintage”At Mono-Brand Secondary Market

Linde Werdelin Oktopus II Teacup Theme

Though I tried and failed to create a secondary marketplace for Watches Replica many years ago (RIP Watch Replica Xchange, 2008-2010), I remain interested in the concept and ongoing development of secondary markets for Watches Replica Replica.  There are many business models serving the broader “secondary Watch Replica market” today, and though almost all are not what I would consider particularly unique or innovative, they are getting the job done for Watch Replica enthusiasts.  Which makes Linde Werdelin’s new marketplace launching today, “LW Vintage”, all the more intriguing.

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In essence, cheap Linde Werdelin is now operating a market for its own pre-owned timepieces, dubbed “LW Vintage.”.  Though “Vintage” is perhaps not apropos today, on a long view it makes perfect sense.  Citing increasing demand recently for sold-out, vintage Linde Werdelin pieces and a desire to ensure a great experience for all involved in such transactions, Linde Werdelin’s LW Vintage marketplace adopts what is essentially an intermediated transaction model.

The marketplace will facilitate price discovery (matching Buyers/Sellers) and in addition to authenticating the Watches Replica Replica (of course), all pieces sold via LW Vintage will be freshly serviced and sold with a new strap and 24-month warranty.  Though as it stands today, the price discovery element is a bit crude and not what I had expected — “matching Buyers and Sellers at an agreed upon price” appears to be a process handled via email/phone (as described here), and it’s not entirely clear how to even submit an offer for consideration.  I think something a bit more transparent, or at least a clear means for submitting an offer, would be a better implementation.

The Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Svend Andersen

circa 2009

With its custom blue rotor, one of my favorites!

Blue Rotor by Svend Andersen Geneve - Linde Werdelin

Finer points aside.  In the last ~10 years, Linde Werdelin has produced 4,500 individual pieces across 73 individual series.  Which, by most measures makes being a Linde Werdelin owner still an exclusive thing, but there should still be enough pieces floating around to make a market.  As I was writing this article and reflecting back on the years, it dawned on me that there are not only some very special pieces in the LW collection, but  I have been fortunate to have reviewed or photographed quite a large number of them!

LW Vintage is, as it offers the opportunity to take responsibility for 10 years of historical production, a show of pride in that same history. To further mark this pride, Linde Werdelin created a timeline on its website punctuated by milestones since its founding in 2002 and since the first timepieces were delivered in 2006.

This concept, though perhaps not as smooth around the edges as it could be, is intriguing in that it not only helps to create an active secondary market for LW timepieces, but it also provides LW with a direct window into overall demand for its pieces — and at what price.  For these reasons, I applaud Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin for thinking forward and bringing this venture to life!

Did You Know?

Linde Werdelin is a small, independent brand based in London.  Now 10 years since the launch of its first timepiece, Linde Werdlin is today focused on its high performance Watches Replica Replica and activity-specific, accessory instruments.  I’ve written about Linde Werdelin Watches Replica Replica many times over the years dating as far back as 2009.  My favorite LW experience, hands down, was when I went “Adventuring with Linde Werdelin” in 2013.

Linde Werdelin SpidoLite II Carbon Tech Cases

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Time Check Linde Werdelin

Down and Out Linde Werdelin