High Quality Cheap Fake IWC Big Pilot Review

This IWC replica watch is an overkill of a watch which has virtually everything you can think of in a watch and everything is delivered with such a clever use of space, and is all about functionality and what it can do rather than how it appears.

IWC Big Pilot – One Of The Best Reviews For IWC

This fake IWC watch’s glass even has anti reflexive coating on either side so it certainly won’t catch the eye from afar but the wearer will not be able to do without it after a while of wearing it. So, let’s get started in dissecting this IWC replica watch.

fake IWC big pilot front view

Looks and Feel

This fake IWC watch is almost entirely black and it’s the type of black that is not shiny almost like matte black but not quite. All the black is only broken by the red markings on the dial and all four of the sub-dials. Amazing, isn’t it? Four sub-dials in one watch and it even has a window for the year.

The sub-dial on the right shows both the days of the month and a week recorder. The sub-dial below indicates the month of the year. The sub-dial on the left indicates what day of the week it is and also a 60 seconds chronograph. Finally, the sub-dial at the top is a dual perpetual moon phase display for both the northern and southern hemispheres. All markings on the dial and sub-dials are red in color but in consistence with the texture of the watch, the red is not glittering but subdued. The hour and minute are black with red insets. To cap it all off, there is a year display window which has four digits. This IWC replica watch is clearly one for the ages. The watch does not have a bezel and the crown is just one to control and adjust all these features. There is no way to tell that it is a fake IWC because the original design is simple to replicate on the outside but difficult on the inside.

fake IWC big pilot back view


The original IWC watch has a caliber 51614 mechanical movement but the IWC Big Pilot replica has a Japanese Miyota mechanical movement which is almost equally as reliable and accurate. The mechanism is all within the watch and there is no way to tell that the replica is a fake IWC. The original is said to have a power reserve of up to a week!

The Fold

the IWC big pilot side view

The strap or bracelet is made of fabric and lined with a leather like inside. It is also black and terminates in a stainless steel folding clasp. The back of the case has a TOP GUN inscription and the United States Army on it which explains a lot why the watch is built for more practical uses than as a fashion statement. The original IWC is water resistant at up to 6 bars of pressure but the fake IWC is also water resistant but not anywhere up to that level of under water pressure. Still, I would recommend keeping it away from water anyway.

So, after all is said and done, I award this fake IWC watch a 9.5 out of 10 simply because it achieves what it set out to do perfectly.

Confessions of a new Watches Replica collector

Michael's IW377701

Michael’s IW377701

I took a sip of the Cranberry soda the salesperson had just placed in my hand and asked her what this drink was.

“It’s Cranberry soda.” she repeated helpfully.

“What’s in it?” I persisted.

“Cranberry soda.” she said, sounding a little uncertain now.

It wasn’t the answer I was hoping for (I secretly hoped she had spiked it with something), but the bizarre exchange had a steadying effect on me. You see, I had just selected a new replica Watch to add to my small but growing collection. It wasn’t just any replica Watch, it was my first certifiably luxury replica Watch.

Brand reputation and history, scarcity, and pricing strategy invite those with the means to feel a part of a narrative they may have nothing to do with. My IWC Pilot chronograph promised me an echo of the aviation and military history the company trades heavily on; they aren’t found on everyone’s wrist; the replica Watch is dear enough that you feel like you’ve really paid for your passport into the community you want to be a part of. Or do you?

Researching replica Watches Replica meant I spent a lot of screen time with collectors and enthusiasts on individual blogs and in the sprawling forums where the minutiae of timepieces are discussed. Affable, knowledgeable, and for the most part thoughtful they support the habit and live in a mutual admiration society online. Got that Breitling you’ve been lusting after? Well done! Post pictures. Watch obsessives scorn those with too much money and not enough sense, those who want that Rolex only because it’s a Rolex.

My Visa withstood the blow, some blood returned to my face, and the replica Watch was placed in the store’s signature, vibrantly-coloured shopping bag. Exiting through the secure, police-monitored, double doors I thought, looking down at my pink bag, that I might as well have had a “rob me” sign hanging around my neck. I made it home safely and began a meditation – ongoing – about why I had done what I had just done. My buyer’s remorse went to grad school.

By luxury replica Watch standards it was almost entry-level at six thousand dollars, but it was a fine example of the species from a brand that was squarely, indisputably, a member of a handful of elite mainstream luxury Swiss replica Watchmakers. I was numb with the reality of standing at the counter actually paying for it.

Then a terrible thing happened: curiosity met crushing boredom while I was at home recovering from surgery and expanded to fill the time I had on hand. I had entire days to explore how the “right” replica Watch fit a specific context and completed a look. Worse than the aesthetics was the technical dimension of replica Watches Replica – I discovered it was a fascinating hole of facts, histories, and details so deep I haven’t yet emerged. Tourbillon, escapement, balance wheel – the lexicon of the guts of a replica Watch needed to be mastered in order to enter medieval debates with other replica Watch nerds over whose combination of these pieces was superior.

My simple “I’d like to buy the replica Watch” kicked off a flurry of activity and Cranberry soda at the store, a well-known dealer in the heart of Toronto’s haute shopping district. The floor manager was summoned. Keys were produced, and several locked cabinets were opened while a chorus of salespeople looked on. After checking and re-checking model numbers, boxes, the warrantee cards and, oddly, whether the time on it was correctly set, the replica Watch sat on the counter while it was officially registered. People in Switzerland knew what I had done.

How I wound up standing there buying a gratuitously expensive timepiece was a journey that started several months earlier. An abiding interest in replica Watches Replica slowly transformed into a preoccupation, but had started with the gateway purchase of a dress replica Watch…a Timex. I wanted to have a thin, simple replica Watch I could wear with a dress shirt. Variety soon trumped brand and I found a nicer Tissot that, since it was my birthday, I felt I deserved. Things quieted down for a time and my need for the “right” wardrobe-completing replica Watch subsided.

I knew I crossed some replica Watch-collecting Rubicon after I managed to talk my father into the early release of the family heirlooms: a vintage Rolex Datejust and my grandfather’s Elgin pocket replica Watch. There is no AA equivalent for the replica Watch obsessive and I may have to found one.

Mechanical replica Watches Replica, whether vintage or modern luxury, are the definition of a useless object. Their purpose as timepieces has long since been surpassed by just about any other device scattered around our environment: microwaves, stoves, TVs and, of course, our phones. Because they are so completely unnecessary they are also, in some cases, art. The majority of high-end Swiss replica Watches Replica participate in the well-established and predictable economy of luxury goods.

At the other end of the spectrum from shallow status symbol seekers are the hard core Collectors. These men (and they are almost exclusively men) have spent years and most of their disposable income amassing their collections and are celebrated by the replica Watch media like rock stars. Some, like John Mayer and Eric Singer, are rock stars. Did I secretly want to be like John Mayer (who also collects bad press by frequently putting his foot in his mouth)? Who was I trying to keep up with?

Collecting, according to psychologists, is a primal human activity. We collect photos, ticket stubs and baseball caps because of the associative pleasure they bring us. We also collect to bring imaginary order to our lives or to compensate for loss. My advanced course in replica Watches Replica was slowly convincing me that my interest might, in fact, be a pathology. What was this interest trying to, expensively, hide? The list was too long: a litany of first causes that any dimestore therapist could help me sort out given enough time and money. And even then, at the end of it, I might have produced a taxonomy instead of a cure.

But replica Watches Replica are deeply pleasurable not just because some examples approach art. The hunt for ‘the’ replica Watch was as satisfying and natural as the hole in my psyche it was supposedly addressing. Our mammalian brains are latecomers to the biological structure that supports our selfhood. The cerebral cortex is a thin veneer of reason over eons of instinct. Simply knowing how it all works (mostly) doesn’t help explain away desire. Not once did all that critical theory I consumed in grad school come to my rescue and stop me from stalking, capturing, and mounting the replica Watch I was hunting for at the time.

Which is what led me to the counter at Royal de Versailles sipping at a Cranberry soda.

The 2016 Replica IWC Aquatimer novelties

IWC Schaffhausen announced three new models of the Aquatimer family that will be presented at the 2016 SIHH. First of all, the new Aquatimer Chronograph will be limited to 500 pieces and it was named after “La Cumbre Volcano” of the Galapagos Islands. The Auquatimer Automatic 2000 is will be wearing yellow this year, and finally, there will be a special edition model dedicated to the famous French scuba-diver Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the Aquatimer Automatic Edition “Expedition Jacques-Yves Cousteau”.

Aquatimer Chronograph Edition “La Cumbre Volcano” (Ref. IW379505)

IWC Aquatimer Chronograph Edition “La Cumbre Volcano” (Ref. IW379505)

IWC Aquatimer Chronograph Edition “La Cumbre Volcano” (Ref. IW379505)

Since 2009, IWC Schaffhausen has partnered with the Charles Darwin Foundation to help preserve the fragile ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands. Every year, they unveil a limited edition model where part of the proceeds go to the Foundation. This year’s model is dedicated to the La Cumbre volcano on the island of Fernandina.

The internal rotating bezel, central seconds and minute hand of the chronograph display are dark red in colour to symbolize seething magma. The engraving on the case back shows the volcano erupting. The stainless-steel case is coated with matte black rubber, which gives the replica Watch its singular feel. Every case is individually pressure- and heat-bonded with the rubber.

On the Inside, there are no changes, just as the last year’s model, the movement is still the automatic IWC-manufactured 89365 calibre.

Aquatimer Automatic 2000 (Ref. IW358001)

IWC Aquatimer Automatic 2000 (Ref. IW358001)

IWC Aquatimer Automatic 2000 (Ref. IW358001)

The 2016 version of the Aquatimer Automatic 2000 will be easily recognized because of its yellow hands and numerals on a black dial. With a diameter of 46 mm and 20.5 mm thick, it is built from titanium. As the name tell is it, it can go as deep as 2000 m. It is powered by the automatic 80110 movement, beating at 28,800 vph and with a power reserve of 44 hours.

Aquatimer Automatic Edition “Expedition Jacques-Yves Cousteau” (Ref. IW329005)

IWC Aquatimer Automatic Edition “Expedition Jacques-Yves Cousteau” (Ref. IW329005)

IWC Aquatimer Automatic Edition “Expedition Jacques-Yves Cousteau” (Ref. IW329005)

IWC Schaffhausen continues its series of special editions in honour of the French diving pioneer and oceanographer. As a partner of the Cousteau Society, the Schaffhausen-based replica Watch manufacturer contributes to the restoration of Cousteau’s famous research vessel, the Calypso, among other things.

Measuring 42 mm in diameter, 14 mm in height and with a water resistance of 300 meters, compared to the Aquatimer Automatic 2000, this is a more reserved diver. It is not just because of its size, but the overall design is more toned down. The stainless steel case combined with the deep blue dial is a superb combo.

The back of the replica Watch features an engraving of “le Commandant” Jacques-Yves Cousteau with his trademark beanie.

More about at www.iwc.com

IWC Big Pilot’s Heritage Watches Replica Replica 55 and 48

IWC Big Pilot's Heritage Watch 48 (Ref. IW510301)

IWC Big Pilot’s Heritage Watch 48 (Ref. IW510301)

IWC will present several pilot’s replica Watch novelties at SIHH, and among the first ones, they already unveiled two huge wristwatches based on the historic Big Pilot’s Watch 52-calibre T.S.C. (Tirette Seconde Centrale), which with its 55 mm diameter was the largest wristwatch ever built at IWC Schaffhausen.

Originally, the 52-calibre TSC replica Watches Replica were made to be used by combat pilots during WWII, the huge sandblasted case, the matt black dial with a clear typeface for the numerals, the propeller-shaped hands, the large crown, all designed to serve a purpose in a life-and-death situation. It is this spirit that IWC is following with the limited edition Big Pilot’s Heritage Watch 55 and 48.

The Big Pilot’s Heritage 55 (Ref. IW510401) has the exact same size and design as the 52-calibre TSC from 1940, but with several modern-day updates. First of all, the case is made from titanium, resulting in a 33 grams lighter case than the original one, made from stainless steel. Another important difference is the use of small seconds, instead of the central seconds hand of the 52-calibre TSC.

In the old days, pulling out the crown stopped the balance, allowing pilots and navigators to synchronize their replica Watches Replica with down-to-the-second accuracy. The IWC hand-wound 98300 calibre, powering the new Heritage 55, can be stopped the same way by pulling out the crown.

IWC Big Pilot’s Heritage Watch 55 (Ref. IW510401)

IWC Big Pilot’s Heritage Watch 55 (Ref. IW510401)

It is interesting to observe that on the Big Pilot’s Heritage 55, the number “9” is back on the dial, something that we did not see on the Big Pilot’s replica Watches Replica made after 2002.

12 o’clock is reserved for the typical flieger triangle index with two dots, which played an important role in helping pilots recognize the relative position of their hands and read the time even with a cursory glance in the dark.

The big chunky crown is a reminder of the time when pilots had to fly in unheated cockpits and they had to wear thick gloves. The crown had to be large enough to permit adjusting the time without taking off these gloves.

The hand-wound 98300 is protected by an antimagnetic soft-iron inner case and a shock absorption system, offering 46 hours of power reserve.

Historic Big Pilot’s Watch (52-calibre T.S.C.)

Historic Big Pilot’s Watch (52-calibre T.S.C.)

Even the brown calfskin strap is inspired directly by the original replica Watch from 19040. This allowed the timepiece to be worn over a thick flying suit. The strap is divided in two and sewn together at the ends, which makes it impossible to drop the replica Watch accidentally when putting it on your wrist. Then, as now, two rivets on the spring bar hold the strap together.

The Big Pilot’s Heritage 55 is limited to only 100 pieces and it will be available only at selected IWC boutiques. MSRP is $14,800 US.

IWC Big Pilot's Heritage Watch 48

IWC Big Pilot’s Heritage Watch 48 (Ref. IW510301)

Big Pilot’s Heritage 48 (Ref. IW510301), being the “smaller one”, is more of an everyday replica Watch that you can comfortably pull off if you are gifted with a large wrist. Just like its big brother, the Heritage 48 too has a titanium case, which reduces its weight to 120 grams.

Powered by the IWC hand-wound 59215 calibre, which has a power reserve of 192 hours, after being fully wound, the Big Pilot’s Heritage 48 can run for 8 straight days. The little window on the back of the replica Watch will show how much power is left. Despite the aperture, this Pilot’s replica Watch too has a soft-iron inner case that guides magnetic fields around the movement.

Limited to 1,000 pieces and costing $13,400 US, the Big Pilot’s Heritage 48 (Ref. IW510301) is probably already on the wishlist of many flieger replica Watch collectors.

Buying Time: Chopard, Vacheron, IWC and Models

We’ve got a  great lineup for this week’s curation of pre-owned Watches Replica Replica, with asking prices from under-$3,000 to just over $12,500.  Though all pieces have a titanium case, the main commonality this week is that these are some really cool Watches Replica Replica.  Wherever your summer travels will take you, these pieces would all be worthy companions.  Check ’em out.

Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Chronograph 168992-3032

Asking Price: $3,950

42mm titanium case

Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Chronograph 168992-3032

Introduced last year, I think this Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique is a superbly styled chronograph.  Functions include hours, minutes, small-seconds, date, chronograph, and tachymeter.  The distressed leather strap with orange stitching — which matches the orange dial accents — completes the look.  Even the original Watch Replica box (included) matches the orange/grey styling.

The “Grand Prix de Monaco” series from Chopard has been running since 2002, you can read a review I did of the full Grand Prix de Monaco series dating back to 2002 right here.   At just under $4k, I don’t think this Watch Replica will stay unsold for long, but don’t be afraid to make an offer and shoot for an even better price if you want to deal.  More pics, price and details here>>>


IWC Ingenieur Double Chronograph Titanium IW3865-01

Asking Price: $6,350

45mm titanium case

IWC Ingenieur Double Chronograph IW3865-01

IWC’s designers took their inspiration for the Ref 3865 Ingenieur Double Chronograph from materials typically used in Formula 1: titanium, ceramic and rubber. The screw heads in the bezel are made of ceramic. The crown, the crown protection and the push-buttons are lavishly coated with black rubber.   Thanks to the IWC Cal 79420, split-seconds hand can be stopped to record intermediate times while the stopwatch hand continues to run, allowing users to record as many stops and lap times as they choose.  This piece is also a complete set with box and papers.  More pics, price and details here>>>


Breitling Aerospace Avantage E79362

Asking Price: $2,850

42mm titanium case, multi-function quartz caliber with alarm, calendar & chronograph functions

Breitling Aerospace Avantage E79362

Something a little different with this quartz powered piece by Breitling.  I believe the movement is Breitling’s Caliber 79 which they refer to as “SuperQuartz” — COSC/chronometer certified and spec’d to run better than 15 seconds a year deviation.  The nice thing with this piece is all of the multi-function capability enabled by the quartz caliber.  It has a titanium case and a titanium Breitling Professional style bracelet.  This is a Watch Replica for those who prefer function over form.  More pics, price and details here>>>


Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph 49150/000W-9501

Asking Price: $12,750

42mm steel / titanium combo case bezel

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph 49150000W-9501

OK, stepping it up now on the price scale but if you can afford it I think this would be a wonderful chronograph to own.  The monochormatic look has appeal and the dial is well arranged and legible with nice, large date apertures up top.  Powered by VC’s caliber 1137, an automatic caliber running at 3Hz and with 40 hrs power reserve.  And this Watch Replica comes with the “full package” and I don’t mean just a plain box and manual but quite a nice set — always a plus in my book.  Pics, price and details on this Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph 49150, right here>>>

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph 49150000W-9501 - box set


Panerai Luminor 1950 Rattrapante 8 Days Titanio PAM 530

Asking Price: $17,500

47mm titanium case

Panerai Luminor 1950 Rattrapante 8 Days Titanio PAM 530

Panerai Luminor 1950 Rattrapante 8 Days Titanio PAM 530 - caseback

Last but not least, one more big boy for those with cash to spend.  This Watch Replica debuted in 2012 but still looks to be in pretty good shape.  It has a 47mm brushed itanium case, polished titanium bezel, “sandwich dial” with linear “8-day” power reserve indicator, hours/mins/small/secs and chronograph,   The PAM 530 has a manual wind caliber in it, the Panerai caliber p.2006 (manual wind, 3 barrels, double column wheel) with 8 days power reserve which as noted is indicated by Panerai’s linear power reserve on the dial.  This Watch Replica is a rattrapante, aka “split-seconds chronograph” controlled by 2 chrono pushers on the left side of the case:  the first split-seconds timing hand is controlled by the button at 8 o’clock (embossed “C” for ‘chronograph’); the second is controlled by the button at 10 o’clock (embossed “R” for ‘rattrapante’).  More pics, price and details here>>>


Have a great weekend everyone.