Presenting The New HYT “Ghost” and “Full Gold” H1 Editions

HYT H1 Ghost Watch Replica - full gold or titanium - Perpetuelle

As if HYT’s “fluid time” technology was not cool enough, now the they’ve developed a new black fluid and dropped it into the H1 Ghost.  However, so that the H1 Ghost can be read in the dark, HYT did include Super-LumiNova which illuminates the capillary from underneath.

Also being launched in a limited edition of 50 is the H1 “Full Gold”.  It has in common with the H1 Ghost the black fluid, dimensions, etc., but thanks to the full gold case a much different aesthetic is on display.

Not just any black fluid either — this is an opaque fluid does not emit or reflect any light, which means that come night, it is invisible.

 HYT H1 “Ghost”

Limited edition 50 pieces

48.8mm x 17.9mm titanium case

HYT H1 Ghost Watch Replica - black and white - Perpetuelle

HYT H1 Ghost Watch Replica - lume shot - photo by HYT

HYT H1 Ghost Watch Replica - caseback - Perpetuelle


HYT H1 Full Gold Watch Replica - Perpetuelle

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