Experience: Havana Club Gran Reserva Añejo 15 Años. As Unique and Smooth as our Armin Strom Gravity Date WCL Unique Piece.

Sitting a notch above the Havana Club ‘Selección de Maestros’ is the Havana Club Gran Reserva Añejo 15 Años from Cuba. Produced by repeatedly blending and aging selected rums and ‘aguardientes’ in old oak casks that add that delicate touch of tannin, this unique ageing process liberates the aromas and flavor and gives that extra smoothness that is the top mark of top quality rum. Aged for no less than 15 years and with a limited production of only 58 barrels per year, the Havana Club Gran Reserva is one of the best rums we’ve ever had with a unique aroma, intense flavor and unparalleled smoothness. This rum is as unique as our very own Armin Strom WCL Unique Piece.

With a bright intense amber color and a glowing vibrant look, this rum is typically referred to by Havana Club as a “glowing rum”. Its long, lingering aroma is a perfect reflection of a very smooth and fruity rum that caresses the palate. Less sweet than a Zacapa 23 or a Zacapa X.O., the Havana Club Gran Reserva Añejo 15 Años captivates the senses whether you drink it neat or on the rocks. Now, if you want to feel its boldness even more, we recommend preparing a Cuba Libre with it and skip the lime drops.

As you sip this exceptional rum that transports you to the sugar cane fields of Cuba and the warm breeze of the ‘Malecon, the first impression on the palate is a smooth hint of honey that turns into a dried plum as if you were drinking Japanese Choya —umeshu plum liqueur. Then fruity notes of banana, pear and dried fig will fill your mouth.

As you finally take it down, the Havana Club Gran Reserva will be very smooth on your throat and with a very delicate oak aftertaste. The only other rums better than this one, would be the Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo and the Havana Club Unión. Without a doubt, the Havana Club Gran Reserva Añejo 15 Años is an exceptional rum that will leave a great taste in your mouth and that is worth every penny. Much better when accompanied by a ‘haute horlogerie’ timepiece on your wrist. Armin Strom Gravity Date WCL Unique Piece not included in the price.

Sticker Price $175 USD —unfortunately not sold in the U.S.