Bremont Boeing Model 1, Model 247 Ti-GMT Titanium Watches Replica Watches Free Shipping

By Harlan Chapman-Green

Bremont is a name synonymous with pilots and aerospace industry, what with their very successful Wright Flyer model that takes pieces from the actual plane. However, this piece isn’t made from the blades of a turbofan engine and the strap isn’t made from a recycled 747 tire.

What is special is that Bremont now works closely with the materials department at Boeing and the Advanced Material Research Centre at the University of Sheffield to work on new ways of manufacturing. The current ranges of the Boeing, the Model 1 and Model 247 use aviation grade materials. I should point out that the Ti means that it’s made of titanium 6-4, which is much stronger than normal titanium. However, that can be a good thing as titanium is a very strong metal, the slight downside will present itself to those who like weightier pieces.



“So, what else is interesting about this watch?” I hear you ask. I can answer that, the first piece of good news is that this watch is a GMT watch which adds an extra level of functionality but also makes this piece just that little bit more desirable as well as being very practical for pilots which, I’m sure you’re aware of now, is where this watch is aimed. It’s also a certified chronometer which ensures greater accuracy. There’s also a date on the watch face at half past 4.



Now onto the part I really like about this watch; design. There are a couple of features that really catch my eye with this piece, but first lets look at a few others. The first is that on the crown (and pushers on the chronograph version) there’s a twisted design to them which seems very futuristic and makes a welcome change from the simple plain crowns and pusher we’re used to seeing on watches nowadays. Also, the side of the watch case is decorated to look like the gears that you might find in a car gearbox. I’m not an expert with planes to be perfectly honest with you, but all the same it’s a nice design touch.

As well as this there’s the end of the seconds hand which has the Boeing ‘tick’ on the end which looks pretty cool and is, like the crown, is a nice change from the arrows or plain hands that we usually see. My absolute favourite part of the watch can be found on the reverse side, if you turn the watch over you’ll see the automatic movement. The rotor of the watch is engraved in such a way that it looks exactly like the blades on a turbofan engine that you’d find on a Boeing aeroplane.  It’s not made of gold or anything fancy like that, but it’s a nice touch.

I really like theese watches. It takes flash and melds it perfectly with industry to make a great looking watch that’s functional and ready to be used on flights around the globe straight out of the box. The looks are great, the attention to detail is wonderful and the little extras are the icing to this already icing covered cake. For more info, please visit

Technical Specifications


Modified calibre 13 1/4” BE-93-2AE automatic chronometer, 21 jewels, Glucydur balance, Anachron balance spring, Nivaflex 1 mainspring, 28,800 bph, 42 hour power reserve, GMT functionality. Bremont Watches Malaysia Price Replica Boeing skeletonised decorated rotor.
Hour, minute, second and 24H GMT hand with date at 4.5H.
Boeing aviation-grade Ti 6-4 titanium with bi-directional rotating bezel with SuperLumiNova® and crown guard. Bremont Watches Malaysia Replica Trip-Tick® construction with scratch resistant DLC treated case barrel. Inner soft iron anti-magnetic Faraday cage and protective anti-shock decorated movement mount. Case diameter 43mm, lug width 22mm.
Boeing aviation-grade Ti 6-4 titanium exhibition case back.
Metal dial with SuperLumiNova® coated hands and numerals.
Domed anti-reflective, scratch resistant sapphire crystal.
Water resistant to 10 ATM, 100 metres.
C.O.S.C chronometer tested.
Seattle (organic polymer) strap and additional strap.
Individually serial numbered with accompanying C.O.S.C certification.


Modified calibre 13 1/4” BE-54AE automatic chronometer, 25 jewels, Glucydur balance, Anachron balance spring, Nivaflex 1 mainspring, 28,800bph, 42 hour power reserve, GMT functionality. Bremont Boeing skeletonised decorated rotor.
Hour, minute, second hands. Chronograph small counters with seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hours and 24H GMT hand with date at 4.5H.
Boeing aviation-grade Ti 6-4 titanium with bi-directional rotating bezel with SuperLumiNova®. Bremont Watches Norwich Replica Trip-Tick® construction with scratch resistant DLC treated case barrel. Case diameter 43mm, lug width 22mm.
Boeing aviation-grade Ti 6-4 titanium exhibition case back.
Metal dial with SuperLumiNova® coated hands and numerals.
Domed anti-reflective, scratch resistant sapphire crystal.
Water resistant to 10 ATM, 100 metres.
C.O.S.C chronometer tested.
Seattle (organic polymer) strap and additional strap.
Individually serial numbered with accompanying C.O.S.C certification.


Harlan Chapman-Green – Contributing Editor

First introduced to horology with the Patek Philippe Calibre 89 by his father few years ago, Harlan enjoys his passion for fine horology. He prefers to spend his time in the boutiques of upmarket brands, trying out new pieces constantly. His preferred 3 brands are A. Lange & Söhne, Breguet and Vacheron Constantin. Although not much for the smaller brands, he still finds the complications intriguing and wishes to own one watch from each of his three favourites. Read his articles here.

Bremont Releases Three New Models For Baselworld 2016 Replica Watches Online Safe

By Jovan Krstevski

As Baselworld 2016 is just around the corner, Bremont releases three new models for the said event. These are the ALT1-C/PW Chronograph, the ALT1-Z, and the MB II White. These watches are superb and they all sport unique designs and personally these watches will make a good deal for all watch collectors out there.

Bremont ALT1-C-PB Chronograph 1

First on the list is the ALT1-C/PB Chronograph which comes as a non-limited edition in polished steel. It sports a pleasing black dial with nicely polished applied numerals. Note that this has been released not long ago but it is already highly successful thus it forms a great place at the core collection of Bremont watches for Baselworld 2016 and deserves a nice upgrade particularly its newly designed polished nickel hands with carefully integrated Super-LumiNova® for better readability at low light conditions. The 43 mm polished steel case is made to last thanks to its aerospace grade hardening treatment. It uses Calibre 13 ¼” BE–50AE automatic for its powerhouse providing it 42 hours of power reserve.

Bremont Z Series BRE_ALT1-ZT51_4

Second on the list is the ALT1-Z which for me is the sporty variant mainly because it is designed with the aviators in mind. It also highlights its military inspirations so yeah, I like this variant better. It sports the same clean legible dial with new applied and bespoke colored Super-LumiNova® index markers for better legibility. Note that the 24-hour function is now at the bezel which greatly improves the watch’s clarity and user-friendliness. I also love its high quality 43 mm stainless steel case with the same aerospace grade hardness of 2000 Vickers as the ALT1-C/PW Chronograph, it is really tough, to say the least. It is powered by a modified calibre 13 ¼” BE–54AE automatic chronometer sporting 42 hours of power reserve.

Bremont MBII White – In Association with Martin-Baker 3

Third on the list is the elegant MB II White. This watch is designed to be a definitive British aviation chronometer so yeah it is very sporty just like the ALT1-Z. This watch belongs to those looking for subtle sportiness and extreme class. Unlike its original design, the new MB II White features new ideas such as the distinctive knurled effect on the aluminum barrel inspired by components on the ejection seats of planes that can be seen on the yellow and black loop at the end of the seconds hand. Plus it is very tough considering the tests done to it such as being propelled on a rocket seat, think about the vibrations alone. Fortunately, the timepiece passes these tests with flying colors. Its high precision is also courtesy of its faraday cage or the inner case made of soft iron that resists magnetic fields. It runs on a modified calibre 11 ½” BE–36AE automatic chronometer sporting 38-hour power reserve.

These watches have many things in common such as superb designs sporting beautiful genuine leather straps and most of all with extremely tough engineering builds. Also being COSC certified watches, they’re all worth your dough if you happen to be itching for one of these watches.

For more info, please visit



Jovan Krstevski has been collecting watches every since his father bought him an Omega Seamaster back when he was just a teenager. He launched Watchgeek back in 2011, which is now known as WristReview and is one of the most widely read watch blogs on the Web. He quotes ’WristReview is a site to help people find, explore, discover and enjoy wristwatches.’ Besides WristReview, he also writes for a number of publications. Read his articles here

Bremont America’s Cup Watch Collection Low Price Replica

By Harlan Chapman-Green

Bremont, as many people know, is one of the only successful British watch companies to really get a foothold in the industry, along with Christopher Ward. The America’s Cup watch line is dedicated to celebrating Anglo-American relations as the Bremont company sponsors Oracle Team USA which competes in the America’s Cup which is a boat race that’s now also officially timed by Bremont.


Bremont has made two watches known as the Oracle I and Oracle II. They’re based on the Supermarine model and both look ready for a bit of rough and tumble treatment on the choppy seas, as they have diving bezels, thick rubber or material straps, an automatic helium escape valve and both of them, are water-resistant to 500 meters. They’re also both 43mm in diameter.


The Oracle I watch is a simple three hand sports watch with a COSC chronometer grade movement inside. This movement also has added anti-shock capabilities, for those that don’t know how hard the bumps from hitting a wave can be, imagine your whole body being hardly punched, over and over again. There’s also a soft iron cage around the movement to protect it from magnetism. It’s good to see that this simply isn’t a re-badged watch but instead is one that’s been toughened for the job. The Oracle II watch is similar to the Oracle I but instead of having a silver dial it has a black one instead. It’s also got a GMT hand on it too for that little bit of extra function.


For those who want a more formal and less sporty America’s Cup themed watch, there’s also the AC I and AC II watches. You can immediately tell that they’re the watches that will be sitting and chilling next to the finish line with an icy gin and tonic while the Oracle watches go out and have their own fun.

The AC I watch is a 43mm diameter watch made of stainless steel and has a Bremont Calibre BE-36AE in it, which is a modified ETA 2836-2 movement that’s been given the COSC chronometer seal of approval. It’s a three-hand date affair with a crisply decorated dial and clean, blue hands that are quite thin but extend all the way to the edge where possible. The AC II watch is presented in a 43mm diameter 18K rose gold case with an added chronograph complication with Bremont’s “Tip-Trick” side barrel that’s been dark DLC treated. This watch uses an ETA 7750 based Bremont BE50-AE calibre movement in that’s also received the COSC chronometer rating. Both the AC I and AC II dials have an embossed “Auld Mug” pattern on them which, upon close inspection, is made up of shapes that look suspiciously like the trophy awarded to the winning team of the America’s Cup.

Price list:

Oracle I – $5,595

Oracle II – $6,195

AC I – $4,695

AC II – $19,095

For more info, please visit



A keen bass guitar player, Harlan enjoys all the perks modern watchmaking technologies the industry has to offer. Although you might catch him sampling Omegas or the Rolex, Harlan loves all things Haute Horology, with his three favourite brands being Breguet, A.Lange & Söhne and Vacheron Constantin. He hopes to study timekeeping more in depth someday and will never be able to thank his father enough for introducing him to the industry. Read his articles here.

A Brief History of The Bremont Limited Edition MBI Watch Grade 1 Replica Watches

By Carl Scutt

When I was tasked to write a piece for the brief history series I immediately thought of the Omega Seamaster and its association with a famous fictional super spy, but that idea soon faded as I realized just how prosaic the idea really was.

No, as I’m in the enviable position of choosing my own ‘fave rave’ I decided on the Bremont limited edition MBI because of its unique position and back story, so, welcome to the fascinating world of Bremont.

To fully appreciate what we’re dealing with we have to start at the beginning when Nick & Giles English embarked on the creation of Bremont Watches For Sale Australia Replica Watches just 15 years ago in 2002. It’s hard to believe in such a short time the name of Bremont has become synonymous with beautifully crafted pilot’s watches of exceptional quality tested beyond the endurance of many other products.

Their inspiration came from their own love of flying and engineering that saw the two brothers take on the challenge of designing and engineering mechanical watches built for precision, reliability, and durability. So confident are they with the build quality all watches which incidentally have a COSC-certification, carry a 3-year warranty.

The Bremont Name

Before I can get into the birth of the MBI you need to know why a British watch maker carries a French name, and it’s not because they’re attempting to hide their genesis, but it’s all down to a flying adventure that ending in an emergency landing in a French field. It’s true, you couldn’t make this stuff up!

It was the late 1990s when the two brothers were flying across France in their 1930’s biplane with bad weather closing in and a rough running engine forced an emergency landing. As luck would have it the farmer whose field they landed in had flown aircraft during the war and offered his barn to the brothers for repairs and avoidance of the French authorities. If that wasn’t lucky enough, the farmer was a gifted engineer and an amateur watch restorer who went by the name of Antoine Bremont. As gesture of thanks the brothers told Monsieur Bremont they would never forget his kindness, and subsequently named their watch company in his honor.

The MBI is Born

As recently as 2007 Martin Baker, the British aviation company responsible for supplying 70% of the world’s Air Forces with fighter ejection seat technology approached Bremont to create the definitive aviation watch. The criteria was clear. The watch would need to undergo and survive the same rigorous testing program as the ejection seats themselves.

A tall order perhaps, but Bremont was never just going to stick a logo on an existing model but design a completely new watch designed to withstand the rigors of ejection, and just two years later the Bremont BMI was born.

What is the MBI

The Bremont MBI unique, bespoke, super exclusive aviation watch that carries not only the mark of engineering excellence with enviable features such Anti-magnetic Faraday cage, anti-shock movement mount and a water resistant to 10 ATM, but the 43mm case is hardened stainless steel Trip-Tick® unique to Bremont.

Housed in the this technically advanced case is the BE-36AE automatic chronometer with 38-hour power reserve, but most importantly, the red aluminum barrel identifies the wearer as Martin-Baker ejectee, who are the only people officially permitted to wear the BMI. The final touches to the piece are the personal engraving of up to 10 digits consisting of their call sign, name, or date, and the individual’s Martin-Baker Tie Club membership number.

A Closer Look

The technical stuff reads like this, the movement is a modified caliber 11 ½”’ BE-36AE automatic chronometer, 25 jewels, glucydur balance, glucydur being the trade name of a metal alloy with a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which is nice. The mainspring is Nivaflex alloy made from iron, nickel, chrome, cobalt and beryllium, operating at 28,800 bph with a 38 hour power reserve, the case Hardened stainless steel Trip-Tick® red aluminum barrel. This piece has a patented anti-shock movement mount and bi-directional Roto-Click® bezel operated by crown at 4 o’clock.

Oh, and there is a choice of calfskin leather strap or canvas NATO strap.

The Rigors of Testing

The Take Away

The interesting thing here is the brief history of the Bremont MBI is, in reality, a very brief history indeed, I mean how often have we seen such an established and respected brand with so little history to its name? In short, Bremont burst onto the market and stunned everyone with their passion for horology and engineering, so much so Martin Baker commissioned them to design and build the quintessential aviation watch built to survive ejections.

The MB range is truly a world beater and a must for any collector, although the MBI can only be worn by those elite flyers who’ve ejected from an aircraft using a Martin-Baker seat. That’s quite an exclusive club, but don’t be disheartened though because for us mere mortals who never get to ‘bale out’ the MBII and MBIII are available to all, so happy days, right?

In my parting words, I would just say this. If you thought Breitling were the timepieces of pilots it may be time to think again.

Bremont ALT1-ZT Watch Replica Watches Buy Online

By Harlan Chapman-Green

Aviation. It’s what Breguet is known for (nowadays anyway). It’s what Breitling is known for and it’s also what Bremont Watches Liverpool Replica is known for. Why the brands beginning with B are the most popular for pilots I really don’t know.

What I do know is that this watch is littered with historical points of interest. It’s a watch that’s exceedingly dedicated to being simply the best watch for both the aspiring and the professional pilot (and those who simply prefer to spend hour after hour flying every kind of flying contraption on Microsoft Flight Simulator). You might be interested to know that the Z in the name means ‘Zulu Time’. This essentially means UTC or as most know it, GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, the point of both 0 degrees and 0 minutes longitude which is used as the base point for all of Earth’s time keeping, which is why different parts of the world are UTC +/- [insert number] hours). So in its simplest form, the Z part simply indicates this watch has a GMT function.


The model that this watch replaces, the ALT1-Z is well renowned for its durability having being used by fighting squadrons that Bremont works with and also one was taken on an epic adventure by an adventuring legend, Charley Boorman, who took it along with Sir Ewan McGregor on a trip into the unknown where the watch certainly outperformed expectations.

The watch now has a clearer dial than before with new, more advanced SuperLumiNova applied to the hands and hour markers. There’s also more detail on the raised edges of the subdials to help give the dial a 3D look. There’s also the introduction of Bremont’s new Roto-Click bezel which s actually under the crystal and is controlled via a separate crown, reducing the likelihood of disturbance. What remains the same however, is the overall style of the dial which was mostly based on the look of an aeroplane’s altimeter (the device used to indicate both height and the rate of climbing or falling that an aeroplane experiences.


This watch is made of stainless steel that is an amazing 2000 times as hard as the steel you’d usually find on a watch. There’s also a display caseback and the crystal itself has 9 layers, yes 9 layers of antireflective acting on both sides to make it practically invisible.

Technical Specifications


Modified calibre 13 1/4” BE-54AE automatic chronometer, 25 jewels, Glucydur balance, Anachron balance spring, Nivaflex 1 mainspiring, 28,800bph, 42 hour power reserve. Bremont Watches Norwich Replica decorated skeletonised rotor.


Hour, minute, second, date at 3 O’clock, chronograph small counters with seconds 30 minutes and 12 hours, 24 hour GMT hand.


Hardened stainless steel Bremont Watches Hk Replica Trip Tick construction with scratch resistant DLC treated case barrel. Case diameter 43.00mm, lug width 22.00mm, case thickness 16.00mm.

Case Back

Stainless steel with integrated flat crystal, 6 stainless steel screws with polished heads.


Patented inner bi-directional Roto-Click bezel.

Operated by crown at 8 O’clock.


Metal dial, coated nickel hands with SuperLumiNova coating.


Domed anti-reflective, scratch resistant sapphire crystal.


Water resistant to 100 metres (10 ATM).

C.O.S.C chronometer tested and certified.


Calf-skin leather with solid deployment buckle and engraved security clasp.

Just like Bremont’s Boeing series, I adore this timepiece. It looks great, is solidly made and is also both functional and yet very swish to look at. A marvellous job there, team. What does the future hold? For more info, please visit


Harlan Chapman-Green – Contributing Editor

First introduced to horology with the Patek Philippe Calibre 89 by his father few years ago, Harlan enjoys his passion for fine horology. He prefers to spend his time in the boutiques of upmarket brands, trying out new pieces constantly. His preferred 3 brands are A. Lange & Söhne, Breguet and Vacheron Constantin. Although not much for the smaller brands, he still finds the complications intriguing and wishes to own one watch from each of his three favourites. Read his articles here.

Bremont Limited Edition de Havilland DH-88 Comet GMT & Chronograph Watch – A Fundamental Watershed Moment in History Grade 1 Replica Watches

By Meor Amri Meor Ayob

History was a subject in school that I actually fell in love with. The events that unfolded and the various inter-related implications to other aspects of historical endeavors make me realize how interconnected the world is. What Bremont is doing with the launch of the limited edition de Havilland DH-88 Comet GMT & Chronograph watch is to acknowledge a piece of the historical milestone in long range air travel that kick-started the viability of intercontinental commercial air service.


This latest offering from Bremont Watches Bath Replica whose founders, Nick and Giles English are known as aircraft enthusiasts, is named for the de Havilland DH-88 Comet, Grosvenor House, the British plane flown in the ultra-long MacRobertson Air Race back in October 1934. This grueling 11,300 miles (or 18,080 kilometers) race from Mildenhall in Suffolk, England to Flemington Race Course in Melbourne, Australia tested men and machines to the extreme limit. Pilots Charles W A Scott and Tom Campbell Black took up the challenge and with the DH-88 Comet completed the task in a record-breaking 2 days and 23 hours, winning race despite a number of near catastrophic incidences along the way.


There are two versions of this limited edition watch, either in stainless steel (limited to 282 pieces priced at £7,995) or rose gold (limited to 82 pieces and priced at £14,995). What is unique and may justify the rather steep asking price is that it contains an actual piece of the race-winning de Havilland Comet. Part of the Comet’s plywood undercarriage has been included in the propeller-motif red rotor, marked with the Comet’s number ‘34’.


Bremont’s DH-88 is a 43 mm and 16 mm thick pilot’s watch with red, gold and white accents on a black dial. The main crown and pushers are located on the right of the watch casing. It has a 24-hour GMT hand and chronograph sub-dials at 12, 6 and 9 o’clock. A date aperture is located in the 6 o’clock sub-dial. The arrow-tipped GMT hand follows a white track sloping up from the edge of the dial. An additional crown at the 8 o’clock position controls the internal bezel. Similar in capabilities with the Bremont ALT1-ZT/51 GMT Chronograph Watch except for the location of the date aperture, the DH-88 has a more vintage feeling to it due to the use of traditional styling such as the onion crowns as well as the use of Arabic numbering and the lack of any angles on the hands.

Another nice addition to the watch is the stamping of a propeller on top of the two crowns.



The DH-88 is powered by Bremont’s BE-54AE movement, a COSC-certified automatic caliber based on the ETA 7750. This movement uses red screws, Glucydur balance, Anachron balance spring, and Nivaflex 1 mainspring. It has a 42-hour power reserve. The watch also has a very respectable water rating of 10 ATM or 100 meters.

Another possible encouragement to increase the demand is the pledge by Bremont to forward a portion of the proceeds of every DH-88 sold to be donated to the Shuttleworth Trust, a unique museum dedicated to the preservation of dozens of historically significant aircraft.

I have to admit the DH-88 is a handsome watch. It has the vintage feel to it and yet, it has that evergreen design which also looks modern and clean.

For some people, the lack of a slide ruler (an important piece of tool needed especially for pilots in the age of flying by compass bearing, location of stars and land formations) was a mistake in the design process at Bremont. However, these people are missing the whole point of that historical event. The lack of such a complication does not diminish the relationship of the watch and the event that it pays homage to. In fact, the addition of the GMT complication is the key to identifying the significance of the watch. In reality, that event is a turning point of making air travel quicker and the DH-88 plus the GMT function reflect that fundamental watershed moment in history. For more info, please visit

Bremont Kingsman Special Edition Watch Replica Buyers Guide

By John Galt

A couple of days ago Bremont confirmed their new special edition watch range developed in partnership with acclaimed film director Matthew Vaughn for his new up and coming film the Kingsman: The secret service. The special edition comprises of three models in rose gold, stainless steel and DLC coated and all feature in the film. The movie is due for release in February 2015 and features some of most well know actors Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Caine and the emerging talent of Taron Egerton.



Colin Firth wearing the Bremont Watches Jaguar Price Replica Kingsman Special Edition Rose Gold


The Kingsman agents from the super-secret British spy organisation each wear the beautiful rose gold chronograph world timer on elegant alligator strap, with the trainee spies  in the film wearing a black version on a NATO strap. Additionally Merlin played by Mark Strong who is the instructor to the potential spies is wearing the last of the special edition the stainless steel Kingsman. Merlin’s job in the film is to train law-breaking teenager Eggsy ( Taron Egerton) who is recruited by the Kingsman agents to tackle and ultimately bring down Valentine the Megalomaniac played by Samuel L Jackson. All three timepieces play a key role in the film and an integral part of the secret agents gadget line-up, even though at this time without seeing the film whether there is any 007 type gadgets involved we’ll have to wait and see.


Bremont Co-Founder Nick English makes an cameo appearance in the film


Kingsman actors Taron Egerton and Michael Caine (wearing the Bremont Kingsman Special Edition Rose Gold)

Matthew Vaughn, Director, Kingsman quoted;

“Kingsman are first and foremost British, which made Bremont watches the perfect fit. Apart from making fantastic mechanical watches, Bremont have strong links to the military and their special forces around the world, making them the perfect timepiece for the modern spy. In addition to being a practical watch for a spy it is my belief that you can tell more about a person by his watch and his shoes. Kingsman is all about being a gentleman and Bremont is very much the modern day gentleman’s watch”


Mark Strong as ‘Merlin’ wearing the Bremont Kingsman Special Edition Stainless Steel

The Kingsman Special Edition is a slightly modified ALT1-WT watch and shares the same 43mm case also featuring time, a 12hour chronograph, date as well as world time function shown by a centrally mounted GMT hand with rotating flange ring showing the list of time zone’s.


Nick English, Co-founder, Bremont quoted;

“It was a great honour to be chosen to work on the Kingsman film, and it was wonderful to see how proactive Matthew Vaughn has been through the whole process. We pride ourselves on making durable, mechanical chronometers in Henley-on-Thames and so the whole British connection is spot on and we pride ourselves on the work we do manufacturing for the military so the connection is very relevant”


Taron Egerton wearing the Bremont Watches Levison Wood Replica Kingsman Special Edition Rose Gold

The Bremont Watches Australia Replica Kingsman special edition will be available from end of January exclusively at Bremont boutiques and Mrporter, prices for the Kingsman are $6,495 in stainless steel, $6,650 in DLC and $20,285 for the rose gold version.


I like the fact that Bremont associate themselves with quintessentially British products from Chivas Whisky to Jaguar cars, now they have moved into films and a blockbuster at that. Given the number of stars involved and the highly acclaimed director Matthew Vaughn I’m sure this will show Bremont watches to a whole new audience worldwide which I’m sure will mean only good things for the guys from Henley-on-Thames, and I for one will look forward to watching the film and watch spotting during the performance. For more info, please visit

John Galt – Contributing Editor

John Galt caught the horology bug 4 years ago on his first visit to a London watch show and has snowballed since; John has become an avid writer and blogger of timepieces of all kinds, from everyday timepieces to modern Luxury Haute Horology, his favorite brands being HYT and Greubel Forsey that push the bounders of modern watch-making. John keeps a keen interest in the UK watch scene with their many emerging brands and timepiece’s. John Galt currently contributes watch related articles for online publications in the UK and USA. You can follow John on Twitter @johng73 Read his articles here.