Swiss Movement Replica Watches Audemars Piguet Royal Oak RD#2 Trillion Calendar Ultra-Thin Hands-On

I can say this from extensive experience; the Swiss do tend to get rather dramatic when they decide they want to have all your attention. In this latest instance this tendency manifested in a black-walled chamber with pitch black tinted windows and dark orange lights, supposedly popular in the interrogation business, along with some pieces of timber to remind you that there is a nice, neat world somewhere out there – just not in here. Seriously, though, their focus on minimizing distractions is immediately, though perhaps subconsciously apparent, which is weird because the product itself is more than sufficient to capture the undivided attention of any serious watch enthusiast – and that’s especially true, when the lid is off the new thinnest of its kind, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak RD#2 Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin.

All hands-on images by David Bredan

Like its predecessor, the RD#1, this new piece is another concept watch that, as it stands, is not offered for sale. What it is, is a case study in some sort of a complication to determine feasibility and gauge public reactions. A concept watch it may be, but it still takes some of the keenest watchmaking masterminds to put something of this complexity together – or to just begin experimenting with it in the first place.

At SIHH 2018 it was just two of AP’s watchmakers and myself in that aforementioned dark room that otherwise usually is full of people carving each other’s eyes out for a picture opportunity or to have the watch in hand, at least. I was lucky because this way, not only did I have a bit more time with one of the very, very few RD#2s presented (I heard there was only one but I doubt that’s true), but also got to ask some more detailed questions about the movement answered by the two super kind AP watchmakers who had presented this watch to me.

Audemars Piguet’s press release wasn’t exactly clear about this, as they called this new Royal Oak RD#2 Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin “the thinnest self-winding perpetual calendar on the market today.” They also called the movement record thin at 2.89mm thick. These two pieces of information told me that while the movement was record thin, there might have been another self-winding perpetual calendar watch made before that, all cased up, that was thinner than this 6.30mm thick Royal Oak case.

When checking up on this during the one on one presentation, I was told that nope, this indeed is the thinnest automatic perpetual ever – and that holds true for both the uncased movement as well as the cased-up watch itself. I personally don’t care too much for such records until things start getting ridiculous (like they did with the 2mm thick cased-up Piaget that I’ll cover soon). A record is always impressive, but a variety of other features and elements should in my mind be just as, if not more important than achieving a smaller number.

More interesting than “record-shattering” thinness is the way Audemars Piguet achieved it. As it turns out, the RD#2’s design process started from the outside: it was Giulio Papi of Audemars Piguet skunkworks APR&P who first sketched the layout of the dial and it was only after this, that they started engineering the movement layout. That is not how this is usually done, and especially not when it comes to the levels of complexity of a perpetual calendar… But I presume when you have extensive experience and a list of achievements under your belt like Giulio Papi does, you start looking for new challenges.

Interestingly, the RD#2 is amazing at stretching the limits of a textbook example perpetual calendar, but it doesn’t bother with solving some of the constraints that keep me, for example, from really falling for them.

First, there is the utter lack of any animation whatsoever on the dial side. Lacking a running seconds, the fastest moving object on the dial is the minute hand – and when you’re dropping what I expect to be high five-figure money for the finished product, I presume you’ll want some mechanics-driven eye-candy beyond a range of passive hands and dials looking back at you.

It goes without saying that the mechanism trusted with moving all six indications of the perpetual calendar is nothing short of amazing – but it’s entirely hidden under the dial. I was equally humbled and surprised when AP’s two watchmakers appeared to be genuinely fascinated by my suggestion of a partially sapphire (or open-worked) dial for this watch. They are either really good at acting – in which case thank you for making my day – or just really haven’t yet thought about showing off this particular mechanism in such a way.

Regardless of the svelte profile though, the golden 15202 is a surprisingly heavy watch. This tactile illusion is because, of course to the fact that gold’s density is nearly three times that of stainless steel, giving the assertive wrist presence of a far larger sports view to one which may otherwise slip easily under the cuff of a dress shirt. When you examine the bracelet and case when considering the weight of the gold, the slender profile but strong gold appearance gifts a contrasted personality which works well. It is safe, but a modern design icon within an old-school material.From that the dial-side, the look and texture of this 15202 is distinctly classic — such as a vintage re-issue of the first 5402 in gold. Inside though, beats another story. It’s an ultra-thin automated movement measuring 3.05mm thick, and characterized with a unique 2.75Hz (19,800 vibrations per hour), although marginally lower-than-average alternance is not readily visible as the 15202 does not feature a running seconds hand. Unlike the 5402 that prompted it, the 15202 gets a sapphire crystal display caseback, by the cal. 2121’s 21-carat gold rotor is observable, as it slides back and forth on the circular rail conducting the circumference of the movement — one of those tricks enabling the 2121’s signature thinness.In total, the 15202 will probably be available in three versions — the new gold alternatives (yellow gold on champagne yellow, or yellowish gold on blue) combine the existing stainless steel 15202 that was re-introduced back in 2012. Though the stainless steel Extra-Thin Jumbo Royal Oak begins at approximately $22,000, those looking to ‘stay gold’ can expect to part with over double that $55,000 for its 18-carat gold variations.

Thinness, yes, is an indicator of the engineering ingenuity and refinement unique to the 5133 caliber – but leaving how those little cams and wheels work to the imagination is a missed opportunity both when it comes to the final product and perhaps especially so when launching a halo piece such as this RD#2 concept. Sure, a solid dial should be an option too – you see how easy it is to get along with everyone and their watch tastes?

The main challenge and also the solution in achieving the record thinness of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak RD#2 Perpetual Calendar Extra-Thin was arranging all components of the perpetual calendar module into just one single plane. Every cam and wheel was to be somehow laid out next to one another, creating an impressive flow of information from the watch’s 24-hour wheel all the way to the 4-year-long month disc.

Replica At Best Price Three New Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watches For 2018

SIHH 2018 sees the Royal Oak brand release a ton of new Audemars Piguet watches. We have picked three here before we cover them hands-on: two belong to the highly exclusive Concept range with a new and refreshing ladies’ piece drizzled with diamonds, and a very dark and aggressive looking men’s variant with a mysterious pusher in its side. Along with these come a record-extra-thin automatic perpetual calendar model with, rather shockingly, a blue dial. There are also three new Offshore models that we have already covered here.

Last year was a big year for Audemars Piguet as, after the dust had settled on SIHH 2017, it dawned on us that apart from one – as in, one – high-jewelry ladies’ concept watch, every single watch they debuted was a Royal Oak or Royal Oak Offshore. This year, we are promised to see some new stuff – we already got news of a few new Millenary pieces that look like they are from 2011… or 2005. Though, some more finishes and materials might come to what for a number of years has proven to be a design dead-end.

A heroic scene from 2003’s “Worst Foreign Film” Yoga award-winner We Were Soldiers.

As we start awaiting 2018’s SIHH novelties, we thought it high time to take a better look at some of the year’s favorites, which include the richly over-the-top 15202, rendered for the very first time as a contemporary, non-limited reference entirely in 18-carat yellow gold. It is not just the all-gold case that brings the 15202 significance though — there are a couple additional (albeit much more subtle) visual cues that set this specific reference apart, and may make it more desirable for collectors in the future. Probably most obvious, is the simple time plus date-only dial configuration, done by the ‘AP’ emblem at 6:00, which pays direct homage to the initial steel 5402 published in 1972. This aesthetic also tips its hat towards the yellowish gold 5402BA Jumbo released five decades later — the first time Audemars Piguet rendered the Jumbo in this valuable metal.However, more noteworthy is that the thickness — the brand new 15202 measures a hair over 8mm, 0.2mm thicker than the first 5402, and the closest we have seen to those pioneering ultra-thin dimensions since the 40th Anniversary editions from 2012 — thus the ‘Extra Thin’ naming convention. This new-but-really-old profile, coupled with all the eminently wearable 39mm case size truly feels just like the sweet spot for your Royal Oak, and has much to do with why this iconic design was able to develop into such a future-proof classic at the first place.The Jumbo Royal Oak in its classic arrangement is a watch that historically, by all measurements, should wear exceptionally thin. People who are looking for a slightly more toned-down aesthetic nevertheless rendered within this precious metal will appreciate the next of the 15202’s two new dial variants: a gorgeous blue, which, given the spate of blue-on-bronze sports watches we’ve seen this year, is as much on-trend, since it is slightly less ostentatious.

No joke, the brand calls its new watches “OUR HEROES” – which sounds eerily fitting when you picture a single entity (the Royal Oak, with the poor thing having so many skins ripped off it) carrying the entire brand on its shoulders. If anything, I’d much rather see young watchmakers, designers, and engineers be called heroes, but Audemars Piguet isn’t unique in crediting the product and the product only – it is in line with industry practices.

On a personal note regarding not just AP but the approach of the majority of brands, I still find it ironic how such a compact industry wants to present products literally as though they just fell out of the open skies. Having visited countless small and large manufactures, the thing is that basically all “iconic” (I have actually developed a nervous twitch for this word) watches and models and complications and collections that you see are the brainchild of one, but never more than a very small group of people. I guess they have accepted it long ago that their work will always be swallowed by a thousand year old brand without any credit given to them specifically.

Anyhow, here’s something interesting for you: Audemars Piguet say they have “reinvented the calendar watch” with the Royal Oak RD#2 Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin. I might have called it extra-thin further above – how foolish of me.

The engineering that went into the RD#2 is highly impressive if all you care about is thinness in a watch. The automatic Audemars Piguet Calibre 5133 is a “record-shattering” 2.89mm thin, 32.00mm wide and contains 256 parts in total. The challenge was to re-engineer a three-tier movement into a single level while “combining and re-arranging functions to boost ergonomy, efficiency, and robustness.” The brand says this patented system “features a record-shattering 2.89mm central rotor” though I imagine that to be a typo of some sort.

There is “no compromise on quality,” which in the brand’s mind equals a 40-hour power reserve and a 2.75Hz operating frequency. Though the thinner a case, generally the more comfortable to wear it is. At this point I’d trade a few millimeters in favor of seeing the corrector pushers be gone from all luxury annual and perpetual calendars. I just don’t find anything “heroic” or luxury in taking a pen to fiddle with these pushers every time the 40-hour power reserve runs down. Water resistance is also a basically useless 20m.

All cased up, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak RD#2 Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin measures just 6.30mm thick. That’s almost 2mm off the Royal Oak Extra-Thin Jumbo, making the RD#2 “the thinnest self-winding perpetual calendar on the market today.” It’s refreshing to see something in a dressy form factor pushing the envelope. The case is 41mm wide – I imagine not something that will please the purists – and is crafted from 950 platinum. The RD#2 is thin, yes, but it’ll have plenty of heft to it on the wrist.

All in all, this is one fascinating movement wrapped into the love it or hate it 41mm Royal Oak case and a blue dial that resembles the relatively unpopular Royal Oak Dual Times of old. I’d love to chat with the engineers who managed to squeeze 256 parts into a 32mm by 2.89mm space as much as with those who think the Royal Oak looks good in 41.

Last, if you were wondering what RD#2 is doing in the name of this watch, it goes back to the 2014 RD#1, a research piece that gave us the Royal Oak Supersonnerie (hands-on here). Apparently, AP didn’t want to see this RD# thing gone and it’s true it helps separate a particularly new and advanced model from the rest.

Replica Expensive BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends January 31, 2018

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is maybe one of the most famous watches available now, and unlike other watches of similar fame like the Omega Speedmaster or Rolex Submariner, its basic design also enjoys substantial versatility concerning complications. From straightforward time-only variants to more complex offerings, there are many flavors of Royal Oak available, and also the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon Chronograph Openworked Material Good watch is one of the more complicated examples.As an aside, and maybe it’s just me, but it feels like brands really must work on keeping watch titles to a manageable length. Getting back to the watch accessible, this particular Audemars Piguet Royal Oak was designed in collaboration with all Material Good — a New York-based luxury retailer. As the name clearly indicates, encased within the Gerald Genta-designed instance is an openworked movement with a tourbillon and a chronograph complication.The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon Chronograph is powered with the grade 2936, which will be a hand-wound movement using a 72-hour power reserve. It is a traditional 2-counter 30-minute chronograph movement with a tourbillon at 6:00. The skeletonization is complicated and complicated, and effort has gone into the bridge design to be certain that the final result appears visually intriguing and balanced.The bridge in 12:00, which holds the mainspring barrel, has an interesting arch-like design which matches the shape of the tourbillon cage around the opposite end. The bridges come in gold and polished to a brilliant finish and with plenty of chamfering. The movement is visible through the sapphire crystal caseback and being a hand-wound movement means that the chronograph mechanism is on full view.

The start of a new year only means one thing to us watch lovers, and that’s SIHH. It is this time of year when brands from the Richemont Group show off their newest and latest watches. It goes without saying then that our coverage of SIHH 2018 was one of the most read articles of the month. SIHH 2018 aside, readers were also keen to understand why Richard Mille watches cost as much as they do. Finally, Seiko dive watches proved to be popular with our readers again.

From around the web, we have an interview with the CEO of Audemars Piguet, François-Henry Bennahmias, who talks about his bold plans for the brand in the coming year. We also visit the Orloj in the ancient city of Prague. At over 600 years old, the Orloj is one of the oldest clocks in the world. Find out how the city plans to renovate and rejuvenate it.

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Even though SIHH 2018 was the biggest event in January, it seems that more readers were interested in these three black watches from Seiko as it turned out to be one of the most read articles of the month. The three watches in question are from Seiko’s Prospex dive collection and are notable because of their black coated case and faux vintage/pale orange lume. The standout piece has got to be the SRPC49K1, which is essentially a black version of the highly popular Turtle. What makes them even more alluring is that they will be limited edition models, although the exact number of pieces that will be made for each piece is still unknown.

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5. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Co-Axial Master Chronometer Watch Review

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The new Prospex Special Edition PADI SBP071J is a continuation of Seiko’s partnership with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). Previous Seiko-PADI watches have been popular with readers and it looks like this one is as well. The SBP071J is based on the SBP051/53 from last year, which is a modern reinterpretation of the 62Mas – Seiko’s very first dive watch from 1965. Like earlier Seiko-PADI watches, the SBP071J features extensive use of the color blue. The dial, in particular, has a new blue gradient color scheme that calls to mind the Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller D-Blue.

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Grade 1 Replica Watches SIHH 2018 Will Feature Public Day & More Than Ever

Are we pumped for SIHH 2018 yet? Just like the “holiday shopping season” and beginning around the same time, it seems like the new-product announcements get earlier every year. With still more than a month to go, the 2018 models that we will get to see in Geneva in January have already started coming in. The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) watch industry trade show, just like its organizing body the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH), has continued to grow and evolve each year, adding more brands as well as a day where the show is open to the public for the first time in 2017 – this time around, it will be Friday, January 19th, 2018. Now with a total of 35 brands, SIHH 2018 promises even more variety than in previous years.

You already know that SIHH is one of the two most important events for the watch industry, as its exhibitors – while much fewer than at the biggest industry trade show, Baselworld – represent many major and influential brands, and this is the time of year when they introduce their most important new products. Vis-à-vis Baselworld – where around 300 brands represent the breadth of the watch industry from high-end and mainstream to obscure startups – SIHH has always carefully maintained an image of exclusivity and “prestige.”

So, while a few brands do introduce models in the “mid-level luxury” range that the average person might be able to consider saving up for and possibly actually wearing… you can expect a lot of skeletonization, avant-garde designs, artisanal techniques and haute horology finishing, “high complications,” precious materials, and stratospheric prices. Haute horlogerie is in the name, after all. It has largely been a spectator’s show for fans of high-end watchmaking, but with recent industry trends emphasizing more “down-to-earth” (it’s all relative) models, some balance and variety can at least be hoped for.

SIHH 2018’s 35 Exhibiting Brands

The Richemont Group along with some independent brands long represented the handful of SIHH exhibitors. However, the show’s 2016 edition added a “Carré des Horlogers” section with nine “artisan-creators and independent workshops” and expanded that number in 2017. This year, the Carré des Horlogers brands are up to no fewer than 17, with the primary exhibitors (referred to as “Historic Maisons”) at 18 for a total, again, of 35. The primary exhibitors are joined by Hermes, and the Carré des Horlogers adds five brands with Armin Strom, DeWitt, Ferdinand Berthoud, Élégante by F.P.Journe, and Romain Gauthier. See the full list of exhibitors in the image above.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is maybe among the most famous watches available today, and contrary to other watches of comparable fame like the Omega Speedmaster or Rolex Submariner, its fundamental design also enjoys substantial flexibility concerning complications. From straightforward time-only versions to more complex offerings, there are numerous tastes of Royal Oak accessible, and also the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon Chronograph Openworked Material Good watch is among the more elaborate examples.As an aside, and possibly it’s just me, but it feels just like brands actually must work on maintaining watch names to a manageable length. Getting back to the watch accessible, this specific Audemars Piguet Royal Oak was designed in collaboration with Material Good — a New York-based luxury merchant. As the name clearly indicates, encased within the Gerald Genta-designed case is a openworked movement with a tourbillon and a chronograph complication.The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon Chronograph is powered with the grade 2936, which is a hand-wound movement using a 72-hour power book. The skeletonization is complex and complicated, and effort has gone into the bridge design to be certain the last result looks visually interesting and balanced.The bridge at 12:00, which retains the mainspring barrel, has an interesting arch-like design which matches the form of the tourbillon cage around the opposite end. The bridges come in gold and polished to a brilliant finish and with lots of chamfering. The movement is visible through the sapphire crystal caseback and being a hand-wound movement signifies the chronograph mechanism is on full view.

From a media perspective, Baselworld has tended to spread our resources very thinly in past years with simply too much to cover at once, so with some prominent brands having moved from Baselworld to SIHH, we can hope for some balance between the shows. Around 20,000 visitors are expected this year, and the FHH promises improved facilities and connectivity in order to make our job of bringing you high quality content more efficient – so we’ll see what that’s like in January. That’s just a glimpse into our point of view in preparing for the show.

We’ll continue providing news of new products ahead of the show – if mostly only renders and official product images from the brands with basic information before being able to see the watches in person to photograph and evaluate them in their glorious and gritty reality. SIHH 2018 runs from January 15th to the 19th, and again, the last day is open to the public with tickets on sale at the SIHH website.

Replica Watches Buy Online Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon Chronograph Openworked Material Great Watch

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is perhaps one of the most well-known watches available today, and unlike other watches of similar fame like the Omega Speedmaster or Rolex Submariner, its basic design also enjoys considerable versatility in terms of complications. From simple time-only variants to more complicated offerings, there are many flavors of Royal Oak available, and the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon Chronograph Openworked Material Good watch is one of the more elaborate examples.

Fortunately, it is not all teary-eyed past-reviving that is happening at this anniversary — kudos to AP for it. Accordingly, alongside the re-edition Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding Chronograph, we see the Introduction of the brand new Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon Chronograph, namely Ref. 26421ST and 26421OR, that possess an entirely new design in two different instance materials.Based on two before Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon Chronograph watches, especially the Ref. 26388PO (watch our hands on with it here) and 26288OR, these new Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon Chronograph watches come in stainless steel and 18k rose gold respectively, and feature a new case design that has a thinner bezel and a more open dial. Even so, the identifying Royal Oak Offshore design characteristics are undamaged. The 45mm instance is still angular, the bezel remains octagonal, and there’s no lost those vulnerable hexagonal screws around the bezel. Water resistance can also be 100m. On the dial, an individual can observe the exposed movement and the tourbillon in 9 o’clock. Opposite the tourbillon at 3 o’clock is your 30-minute counter for the chronograph. Also clearly visible are the two mainspring barrels. 26388PO & 26288OR. Royal Oak Offshore fanatics are certainly eager to know the prices, and we will update the article once we can confirm.

As an aside, and maybe it’s just me, but it feels like brands really need to work on keeping watch names to a manageable length. Getting back to the watch at hand, this particular Audemars Piguet Royal Oak was developed in collaboration with Material Good – a New York-based luxury retailer. As the name clearly indicates, encased within the Gerald Genta-designed case is an openworked movement with a tourbillon and a chronograph complication.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon Chronograph is powered by the caliber 2936, which is a hand-wound movement with a 72-hour power reserve. It is a traditional 2-counter 30-minute chronograph movement with a tourbillon at 6:00. The skeletonization is complex and elaborate, and effort has gone into the bridge design to make sure the final result looks visually interesting and balanced.

The bridge at 12:00, which holds the mainspring barrel, has an interesting arch-like design which complements the shape of the tourbillon cage on the opposite end. The bridges are in gold and polished to a brilliant finish and with plenty of chamfering. The movement is visible through the sapphire crystal caseback and being a hand-wound movement means that the chronograph mechanism is on full view.

What’s left of the “dial” is essentially a satin-brushed, ruthenium-toned ring around the edge and the two anthracite sub-dials. There is a rehaut printed with a minute chapter ring as well. In my experience, legibility is not the strongest suit for a skeletonized watch, but that is less of an issue in the case of this watch. The use of pink gold applied hour markers and pink gold baton-shaped hands, both filled with lume, should provide sufficient legibility in most lighting conditions. The “Audemars Piguet” logo is printed on the surface of the sapphire crystal on the front, which gives it a nice floating effect.

The sub-dials are simple with white printed text and white baton-shaped hands. The sub-dial at 3:00 indicates chronograph minutes and the one at 9:00 shows continuous seconds. One potential issue with legibility has to do with the chronograph seconds hand, which is black with a lumed white tip. Between how thin the seconds hand is and the color, reading the chronograph elapsed time may be more cumbersome than people may like. It is hard to say for certain until we get our hands on a physical example of the watch.

I’ve left the case and bracelet description for the last because these are some of the most recognizable aspects of the watch. This is the same Gerald Genta design that is so popular among many collectors but with 44mm by 13.2mm case dimensions. This is a fairly large watch with a wide bezel on both the front and back. All the straight lines and sharp angles also give it a larger appearance. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon Chronograph is offered in two case materials – titanium and rose gold. There are the obvious visual differences in both materials but what I find more interesting is that titanium is generally a light material with high tensile strength, while gold is a dense but soft material. What this means is that the experience of wearing each variant should be significantly different, and I personally find this interesting.

While Audemars Piguet has received quite a bit of flak in the past for what some collectors perceive as milking the Royal Oak fame a little too much, I think the choice available within the range is a great thing. Not everyone can afford a tourbillon chronograph, and not everyone wants just a time-only watch. At least the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak collection offers both as well as many other choices, with broadly similar aesthetics. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon Chronograph Openworked Material Good watch comes with a bracelet of the same material as the case and an additional alligator leather strap. It is available at Audemars Piguet boutiques and the Material Good store in NY for $297,000 for the pink gold version and $261,000 for the titanium version. |

Replica Suppliers Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Ladies’ Flying Tourbillon And Double Balance Wheel Frosted Gold Openworked

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Ladies’ Flying Tourbillon.

Audemars Piguet continues to quietly introduce some of the most important ladies’ watches on the market, a fact that is often overlooked in the shadow of its massively popular Royal Oak men’s collection. This year at SIHH, two new watches for ladies in the Royal Oak collection may change that once and for all. First, in a continuation of its growing presence in the jewelry watch segment, Audemars Piguet introduced the Royal Oak Concept Ladies’ Flying Tourbillon. It goes beyond high-level gemsetting to include a complication that represents a first-ever for Audemars Piguet. It also takes pride of place within the brand’s important Royal Oak collection. The new Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel Frosted Gold Openworked is another winner. Designed for “a smaller wrist,” this watch is also ahead of the curve when it comes to ladies’ timepieces.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel Frosted Gold Openworked.

The Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel Frosted Gold Openworked is a decorated, 37mm version of the non-frosted men’s Royal Oak Double Balance introduced in 2016, with the same openworked Caliber 3132. The movement’s claim to fame is that it has two balance wheels and two hairsprings oscillating together on the same axis, theoretically cancelling out each other’s rate errors. The result is a watch that is more accurate and more stable.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel Openworked.

The movement is hand-finished and openworked to show the depth of the bridges, and it is presented in a two-tone composition: the balance, upper balance bridge, indexes, and hands are pink or yellow gold, while the rest of the components are rhodium plated. The case and bracelet are frosted gold, a continuation of Audemars Piguet’s collaboration with Florentine jewelry designer Carolina Bucci and a technique known as the Florentine method of indenting gold to create a shimmering sparkle, like snow.

The black satin-brushed dial is partially skeletonized to reveal the internal workings of this watch. However, as they’re fairly chunky, telling the timing isn’t overly difficult, but legibility isn’t ideal. That being said, this isn’t really a bit where the palms are the focus. The running moments hand for the chronograph is bright yellow to give contrast against the black dial.Finally, the respective minute markers and the mark to the 30-minute chronograph in 3 o’clock are rendered in yellow and white to offer maximum contrast and legibility. The 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock is also exceptional because it displays the elapsed minutes with a retrograde index. And finally, at six o’clock is that the tourbillon.The movement is where the magic all occurs. It is obviously in-house, and it is the calibre 2937. Manually wound, it features a staggering 478 parts, beats at 3Hz, and supplies a power reserve of 42 hours. And like most of luxury chronograph movements, it has a column-wheel and lateral clutch.What’s odd about it, however, is both gongs. Instead of mounting the gongs into the movement plate, they’re attached to what Audemars Piguet requires for a “sound board” Essentially, it is a thin membrane made from a special copper alloy that covers the back of the movement, held in place by screws, along with forming a water-tight seal. This clarifies how the Royal Oak Concept Supersonnerie Tourbillon Chronograph watch is able to acquire a water-resistance rating of 20 meters, which might not seem like much to a casual observer, but that could not be more incorrect. The 20 meters is in fact quite impressive considering the intricate structure of the watch.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel Frosted Gold Openworked.

The finish was introduced last year on the ladies’ Royal Oak. The 37mm, 18k white gold Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel Frosted Gold Openworked is priced at $76,000. There is also a 37mm rose gold version with a case that is not frosted, priced at $68,500.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Ladies’ Flying Tourbillon.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Ladies’ Flying Tourbillon is not only the first ladies’ piece in the Concept collection but also the brand’s first flying tourbillon, in any collection (a flying tourbillon was also introduced in a new men’s piece this year: the Royal Oak Concept Flying Tourbillon GMT). Like the men’s Royal Oak, the watch is all angles – the eight-sided bezel with six-sided screws is signature to the collection.

The Audemars PiguetRoyal Oak Concept Ladies’ Flying Tourbillon.

The dial plate is cut away at sharp angles, like broken ice, to reveal angled bridges and an openworked barrel. A sea of diamonds decorates the bridges, bezel, case, and strap attachments. At 38.5mm wide, it’s a little bigger than the Openworked, but the space is used wisely as a canvas for all those diamonds. The case is 18k white gold, and there are two versions: one with 459 round brilliant diamonds totaling 3.65 carats (priced at 190,000 CHF or about $203,350); and the other with invisibly set baguette-cut diamonds (priced at 395,000 CHF or $422,757).

The Royal Oak Concept Ladies’ Flying Tourbillon baguette version.

Audemars Piguet is always full of surprises when it comes to ladies’ watches. It’s almost impossible to guess what’s next, but it is possible to hope. This year the brand introduced the world’s thinnest perpetual calendar, with the miniaturized Caliber 5133, at only 6.3mm thick in the case. It would be great to see this movement used in a new ladies’ perpetual calendar!

Replica Guide Trusted Dealers Confessions Of Serial Replica Watch Buyers

Confessions Of Serial Replica Watch Buyers Featured Articles

About 25 million authentic watches roll out of Switzerland’s manufacturing plants annually, compared to China’s 663 million. It is a known fact that some of these latter watches are illegal copies of others, resulting in a colorful and dynamic, albeit seedy and clearly criminal fake watch industry. Why are some of the world’s top brands copied when others are left alone? Who buys these replica watches and why? What can you do to ensure you’re getting the real thing? Let’s see.

While preparing this article, I spoke with a number of people who freely admitted to being replica enthusiasts. “Just don’t use my name,” each said. One young man told me how he justified buying his first copy watch.

Confessions Of Serial Replica Watch Buyers Featured Articles

Real Panerai Luminor (left) vs. fake (right) Photo by Watch Report

“I had my eye on a Panerai Luminor Marina,” he confessed. “But at a price of $6,800, I wanted to be sure the size was a good fit for me. A week on the wrist ought to tell. Right? I put down $55 for the replica. I’m glad I did. The real one is beautiful, but after a week I decided the watch was just too big and uncomfortable.”

So he justified his replica purchase by saving $6,800 on a watch he personally wouldn’t have been happy wearing. Later, he told me how he disposed of the copy – more on that in a bit. Do replica buyers have no moral compass? Are they frauds, poseurs? Or fakes themselves?

Confessions Of Serial Replica Watch Buyers Featured Articles

Image Credit: Oomphoto

Popularity Of Replicas

People spend a lot of time scouring the Internet for replica watches – something the Swiss say has no value whatsoever. Indeed, the replica industry costs the legitimate manufacturers billions in lost revenue annually. Of course, this makes the faulty assumption that the same people buying replicas would purchase the real thing.

When the authorities discover a large cache of copy watches they sometimes make a show of the consequences. In 2010, US Customs officials shot a video of their steamroller crushing 7,000 fake Rolex watches. The message is clear – the US will not tolerate infringement of intellectual property rights by counterfeiters. Along with the 7,000 watches it crushed, ICE discovered 24,000 more fake watches in Binh Cam Tran’s home along with enough parts to manufacture another million pieces. This seizure and arrest cost Mr. Tran $2.2 million in fines and restitution, as well as six years in prison.

Confessions Of Serial Replica Watch Buyers Featured Articles

A collage of social media posing with fake watches. Source: @fakewatchbusta.

The Most Popular Fakes

Counterfeiters aren’t artists. They’re business people. They go for the largest possible market. That means copying watches with the greatest perceived demand. The variety of original watches copied by criminals is enormous. More so, the makes and models copied must be expensive luxury items. Otherwise, the counterfeiters would be competing against the legitimate manufacturers for the same customer.

Remember, those in the market for replica watches are not the same people who buy the real thing. Both types of customers make their purchase decisions for entirely different reasons.

Confessions Of Serial Replica Watch Buyers Featured Articles

At times it can be challenging to tell from low-resolution instagram posts. Source: @fakewatchbusta.

Now, it’s not hard to guess what the most faked watches are. Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Panerai, Breitling, and Omega are amongst the brands that you’re most likely to find fakes of. Like Louis Vuitton handbags, the most popular and desirable luxury items in a category are also among the most likely to be faked. According to MSN Money, Rolex lands at the 23rd spot in the most counterfeited brands on earth. This makes it the most counterfeited watch brand, though the range of popularly counterfeited brands includes brands like Cartier, Hermes, and, yes, Viagra.

Ironically, some luxury watch brands take pride at being widely copied. They see it as an acknowledgment of the brand’s popularity. Indeed, according to Ariel, Jean-Claude Biver (CEO of Hublot) once shared with him that the authorities confiscating so many fake Hublot watches is a testament to the brand’s market success.

Confessions Of Serial Replica Watch Buyers Featured Articles

Image Credit: Telegraph

Where Do People Buy Replicas?

The answer is pretty much anywhere and everywhere. Most of the replicas come from China, but you can find fake watches for sale in basically every major city on earth. Canal Street in Downtown New York City, Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong, London’s Petticoat Lane market, and Sungai Wang Street in Kuala Lampur are just a few places that come to mind. However, the most popular venue is the Internet. Amazon, eBay, and others carry the Invicta brand – not a fake watch but a lookalike piece. At least these sites make an attempt at policing fake watches.

Confessions Of Serial Replica Watch Buyers Featured Articles

Those set on buying a fake usually go to several of the countless internet sites that proudly sell replica watches. The low price is a sure tip-off. Buyers know (or should know) that they’re getting a fake. The only question is how “good” a fake is it? It’s impossible to tell from the fuzzy picture. Does anything work on the piece? Probably not. These internet sites sprout up immediately after the first is shut down. Check out their ad copy:

“We aren’t going to hide the fact that they aren’t authentic…no one will ever know…we can almost be considered an extension of the actual brands themselves…even qualified people who validate the legitimacy of genuine watches can’t tell which one is real and which one is fake.”

Of course none of these claims is true.

Confessions Of Serial Replica Watch Buyers Featured Articles

A replica Panerai case back. Image Credit: Worthy Living

Remember that fake Panerai the young man interviewed earlier bought to test its size? “I was having lunch with a friend at the end of its week on my wrist,” he told me. “My friend admired it from across the table. Here, try it on, I offered. I carefully slipped its buckle off and made a show of cautiously handing it over, as if… My friend put it on, none the wiser. It looks better on you. Keep it.” I’ve heard the gag before.

“What? What! I couldn’t,” the friend said. “It’s too much.” Then the young man came clean and I showed him how to tell the fake from the real. “First, the crown is way too small for a real Panarai. The leather strap is stiff and machine stitched rather than supple and hand stitched. The crown lock bar is hard to move and is close to falling apart.” Not a remotely convincing fake.

Confessions Of Serial Replica Watch Buyers Featured Articles

Fake vintage Rolex dials. Source: Rolex Passion Report.


Now on to Frankenwatches, which alludes to various types of watches that are cobbled together by different watch parts, both fake and original. Frankenwatches have parts and pieces from all over the place, much like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster which was made of a composite of body parts pulled together from various cadavers. Sometimes equally as grotesque, you can find these Frankenwatches made of fake or partially fake parts. However, there are also timepieces out there that use original parts but from different watches of undeterminable provenance. Still, one can find mostly genuine parts in the modification. For example, the case may well be the real thing. The dial too. However, when the case back is opened, all is revealed. The finished product may be intended to replicate the real thing or it may be something the producer believes is an improvement. Unlike the copy watches that try to imitate regular production pieces, frankenwatches are often modeled after rare and hard to find timepieces. They’re (falsely) represented as vintage pieces.

I spoke to a guy who was accidentally party to the production of a frankenwatch. He, in hindsight rather foolishly, gave his 20-year old Rolex Submariner to his neighborhood jeweler who swore he regularly serviced Rolexes. Silly him. When the watch came back the hands were shiny and new. “You changed the hands?” he asked.

Confessions Of Serial Replica Watch Buyers Featured Articles

“They were corroded,” the jeweler stated. “I only charged you $10 for that little service.”

“You used aftermarket parts?!”

“Why pay more for something that looks just like the original?”

“Naturally,” the guy said, “my watch’s richly patinated hands that matched exactly with the rest of the dial had been discarded and were irretrievable.” The Submariner that had faithfully accompanied him on every dive he had made around the world for twenty years was now a frankenwatch. A word to the wise; unless the watchmaker is a close and trusted relative, only use the manufacturer to service your watches and clearly state the work you want done.

Confessions Of Serial Replica Watch Buyers Featured Articles

You may recall an article right here on aBlogtoWatch, dated March 19, 2014, Watch Lover Celebrity John Mayer Sues Bob Maron For $656,000 After Buying Several ‘Counterfeit’ ROLEX Timepieces by aBlogtoWatch founder, Ariel Adams. Reading the details of the case it sounds more like the issue revolved around re-purposed parts – both real parts cannibalized from other vintage Rolexes as well as unauthorized parts – to make a more valuable single watch.

Today, watches such as the Royal Oak endless calendar skeleton (a benchmark in AP’s collection and one of the best perpetuals available on the current market, in my own estimation), the Royal Oak Equation of Time, the revolutionary Chron-AP, and also this Millenary Minute Repeater demonstrate that AP is without a doubt a top-tier manufacture. AP’s in-house self-winding caliber 3120, found inside the fundamental Royal Oak 15400, can also be one of the best base moves in the world. These are the things that keep AP relevant to “real” watch fans that occasionally get lost in the buzz round the other types of AP buyers.And then there is your typical well-to-do watch purchaser. For me, the best analogy for this other type of AP purchaser is advised using a singular scene in one episode of a single television series that was popular for a period of time some years back. I am talking about Entourage, and I wager the vast majority of you know the way to which scene I am referring.Ari Gold receives a solid gold Royal Oak chronograph (not as the opinion I will review down below) by his then-soon-to-be boss, who describes it as “One of the best watches in the world.” The camera then pans to the solid gold watch in its box, and Ari is in disbelief regarding the gift — and thus, AP is introduced to a whole bunch of potential new clients, the guys who watch Entourage. From this moment on, you see several of the personalities on the display wearing APs. Many at the time believed Audemars Piguet had compensated for the placement, but in discussions with AP over time, it was disclosed to me that not a single dollar was traded. Instead, a specific producer on the show was a large AP customer, and insisted it be a Royal Oak introduced to Ari. Entourage did a lot for AP, but it was not this one positioning that defines the “other” kind of AP customer. It does give you a good notion of where AP is popular, and that is in Hollywood, music, and sports, with the young and moneyed.

Regardless of its outcome, the case embarrassed both parties who probably should have known better. Still, it also cast a bright light on just how difficult it can be to identify minor imperfections buried deep within an otherwise authentic piece. The consequences can be financially disastrous.

Confessions Of Serial Replica Watch Buyers Featured Articles

Image Credit: Shanghai Brooklynites

Who Buys Replicas And Why?

Case in point: I have a client who collects yachts. By last count he has seven in his collection all bobbing in a marina just outside Los Angeles. Yet he proudly sports a replica Rolex Yacht-Master. Even to the untrained eye this paste has a garish orange tinge that glares from across the room. He’s had it going on two years now. He certainly can afford any real watch he wants. So why the knock-off?

“It was a Father’s day present from my kids,” he explains. “It would break their little hearts if I didn’t wear it. Besides, it keeps good enough time. It’s quartz!” So here is my first category of replica buyer – someone who could buy the Real McCoy – and probably has several – but for a reason that makes sense to him he consciously trots out the occasional fake.

Confessions Of Serial Replica Watch Buyers Featured Articles

Image Credit: Travel Past 50

Let’s call my second category – the unsuspecting victim (“un-vics” or “unvics”). Unvics are an endangered species but some still exist. They are walking billboards for handbags, shoes, sunglasses, hats, and – yes – wristwatches. All display the world’s priciest, exclusive logos. Unbeknownst to Unvic, some are fake. Authentic luxury items are sold in company-owned boutiques and the tony shops of authorized dealers located in the nicer parts of town. They are not sold at a deep discount on the street from the trunk of a beat-up Toyota. If it sounds too good to be true…

Confessions Of Serial Replica Watch Buyers Featured Articles

Image Credit: Bob’s Watches

When buying a watch it doesn’t take much effort to be an informed consumer. There are tutorials by brands showing how to tell the real from the fake. Right here on aBlogtoWatch Ariel Adams wrote, The Most Common Fake Watches (May 31, 2014). Another from Bob’s Watches deals with spotting fake Rolexes.  When venturing outside the safe confines of an authorized dealer, having at least some knowledge can save huge embarrassment and often a considerable sum of money. For those who can’t or won’t educate themselves, find a knowledgeable, trusted advisor to assist with the search and authentication. I was in Hong Kong with a client a few years ago. He asked me to accompany him on a watch buying expedition. I was thrilled – buy a fine timepiece with someone else’s money? Now that’s a perfect day.