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The fact that we have two articles on the site today that feature two brands who have each, in their own unique way, incorporated liquid into their watches, is as coincidental as the fact that these two brands are practically next to each other in the Palace at Baselworld, separated only by the main corridor.

I was very surprised last year after Armin Strom Skeleton Watch For Sale Replica declared their Mirrored Force Resonance watch. I always regarded them as a new that makes some interesting watches, but they never really made a strong impression on me before this watch came together, which also appears to be the most complicated version that Armin Strom now makes. Join us as we get up close with this wonderfully impressive piece and let me tell you why this watch is so special.The Mirrored Force Resonance watch is really special as it combines a small and elite collection of watches that rely on the fundamentals of resonance to improve timekeeping. For readers who are not knowledgeable about resonance, it describes the occurrence where a vibration or external force pushes another system to oscillate with greater amplitude. In watchmaking, it typically refers to the usage of two oscillators beating in close proximity to strengthen their beat rate. The notion is that if resonance occurs, the two oscillators will begin to beat in sync with each other and with increased stability. This, then, translates to higher accuracy and greater chronometric performance.This idea was first thrown around by highly renowned French watchmaker Antide Janvier and Breguet over two decades past, and Breguet even produced some watches according to this principle. The idea may seem easy, but in training, such watches are incredibly hard to manufacture and modulate, which explains why very few modern manufacturers and watchmakers even make them. Aside from the Mirrored Force Resonance watch from Armin Strom, only two other resonance watches come to mind; F.P. Journe’s Chronomètre à Résonance watch and Beat Haldimann’s H2 Flying Resonance.

« Ce mois-ci, gagnez une montre Eterna pour dames »

Armin Strom has chosen to seal the world’s oldest cognac inside some of its watches. The tiny amount is hardly enough for a snifter and is more of an historical keepsake than anything. But the strong aroma of cognac wafting through the tent at the watch’s official presentation in Baselworld may well have reached the sensitive nostrils of Vincent Perriard, who is the unidisputed master of “hydromechanical horology”. After HYT reveals the H1 Ghost today, with the new black fluid incorporated into an on-trend all-black look, might we some day see a fine spirit coursing through the tiny capillaries of a future HYT timepiece?

Isabelle Guignet brings us two interviews from brands who are heavily involved with the artistic crafts this week: the first with Julien Marchenoir of Vacheron Constantin and the second with Christian Lattmann of Jaquet-Droz. Considering a more general trend, David Chokron takes a look at watches with unusual case shapes later this week, too. In the meantime, I am busy ploughing through hours of recordings to bring you my first in-depth interviews with Basel from next week.

A new month means, of course, a new watch competition on WorldTempus. It’s too late to be an April Fool, so I guarantee that you most definitely can win one of just 1963 of the limited-edition Baume & Mercier Capeland Shelby® Cobra Competition chronographs presented earlier this year, which is worth a cool 4,200 Swiss francs… and that’s before tax!. 

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