High quality Rolex Daytona atmospheric gold replica watches hands on


As the most visibility and awareness of the world brand, Rolex deserved. Regardless of price or sales, are among the best among the many watch brands. Even if there is no contact with friends watch, Rolex iconic logo and name will be heard. Today we come to appreciate the watch from the Daytona series, a blue dial, its model is 116,518Blue Rolex Daytona replica watch, gold symbolizes wealth and material success, the integration of bohemian blue dial, showing the personality after a successful return.
Rolex Daytona watch blue universe Chrono 116,518 continuation series of classic styling, generous bezel, unique dial, baton hands and layout of the crown and buttons, people will recognize that it is at Daytona take.  116,518 watch case is made of gold material, which in today’s materialistic, gold “flying”, and somewhat longer special. However scrub and polish treatment, so the surface is still brilliant.”

Rolex  Daytona atmospheric gold replica

Blue dial color rendering, so watch look different, especially small seconds dial and three small red, so watch exudes rich “personality.” Stereo numerals and hands are covered with luminescent coating, so watch exudes bright light in a dark environment, the time is also quick and easy to read.

 The bottom cover is screwed gold caseback and use replica Rolex Oyster designed to be completely sealed to ensure waterproof. The overall appearance of the continuation of the brand “thick” feature, making wrist watches became the highlight, but also in the interpretation of a non-like character and attitude.  Daytona Rolex Series is the only series Chronograph movement, but also the most important series, 116,518 watch is a typical representative of the series, with the timing and speed of two special features.
Rolex  Daytona atmospheric gold replica
Timing regarded as the basic functions in functional sports watch, the Daytona series has all the watches are the triangle timing dial layout, really be called “iron triangle” of. The watch uses column-wheel design, the timing and smooth and the buttons do not have a sense of burden. Speed ​​function as a simple function of the scale model, the central chronograph seconds hand mark, the standard timing operation is to follow one kilometer distance as a unit, and measure the average speed, and can only measure the velocity of a minute or less. This feature is not commonly used in everyday movement, used for other games or racing aspect, but also a matter of personal preference.
Rolex with precise and durable as the brand characteristics, and achieve industry-leading, this addition is reflected in the external structure and materials, mainly because the movement, especially the movement of the watch movement, the watch face more than normal many tests.  Rolex Daytona 116518 replica watch with brand homemade Cal.4130 movement, before this, Zenith EL series of high-frequency self-winding chronograph movement dominate the martial arts, but it appears the place of Zenith, although Early Rolex Daytona Zenith multi-use movement, there is a great difference in EL series Cal.4130 and Zenith movement, however, called the production is reasonable.