Hot Hooked On Perfect Replica Frederique Constant “Art of Porcelain” Watch

Frederique Constant Classics Art of Porcelain Watch

Execllent Replica Frederique Constant unveils a new model in its Classics collection: the Classics Art of Porcelain.  This sharp looking piece with its classical Roman Numerals and svelte hands seemed worth a closer look, so let’s check it out.

Frederique Constant “Classics Art of Porcelain”

Limited edition 188 pieces

40mm steel case, automatic mechanical caliber

Frederique Constant Classics Art of Porcelain Watch 1

Overall, I find this to be an attractive timepiece.  However, there are a couple curiosities, depending on one’s point of view.  Intriguing to me is the use of the term “porcelain enamel” on the dial.  This does seem a logical notation because, as Frederique Constant points out, each dial is made by skilled craftsmen from the Zsolnay Porcelain Manufacture, in Hungary.  Even so, the term “porcelain enamel” is rarely seen in Watch Replica making; most Watch Replica brands simply preferring the term “enamel” or “grand feu enamel.”   Frankly it has been and remains unclear to me what if any is the difference between “porcelain” and “enamel”, so if you know please enlighten me (then I can properly update my “Enamel Explained” article).

The “FC-302” automatic caliber inside the Watch Replica , is, I believe, a Sellita caliber rather than one of FC’s in house calibers.  Again depending on how you feel about the whole “in-house” caliber subject, this may or may not matter to you.  I’m not so hung up on it.

All said and done, I would say a very nice looking timepiece, and as I would have expected the price relatively reasonable, in-line with the Frederique Constant philosophy of quality Watches Replica Replica at a reasonable price.  Price for the Frédérique Constant Classics Art Of Porcelain is $2,195.

You can pick up a few more details on this Watch Replica over at the FC blog, where I first learned of this new piece.