High Quality Replica Gucci Dive Watches With Embroidery & Rubber Animal Dials

Here comes Gucci Dive collection, which has a few interesting models that seek to combine the appeal of a sport watch with the look of embroidered fabric or printed rubber. This isn’t just uncommon in general, but very uncommon for men’s watches. In fact, outside of some Hublot watches for women, these are among the only watches I’ve seen that demonstrate this decorative embroidery technique on the dial. Clearly not for all tastes, I found these new replcia Gucci watches to be an interesting artistic expression and an overall good look for those seeking something a bit different.

High Quality Replica Gucci Dive Watches With Embroidery & Rubber Animal Dials

Gucci’s ideal timepieces for those who have a serious nylon NATO-style strap fetish (actually, if you want to be hyper-technical the straps on these fake Gucci Dive watches are Zulu-style, and not NATO-style). Most of these products will be in the Gucci Marché des Merveilles collection, which are 38mm-wide “unisex” watches in polished or PVD-coated yellow gold-colored steel cases. The embroidered nylon dials come in green or blue with the animal motifs of a bee, tiger, or snake. There is also one model with a leather dial and a snake image that continues on the leather strap.

High Quality Replica Gucci Dive Watches With Embroidery & Rubber Animal Dials

Most of these fake watches adopt the theme of continuing the motif of the strap onto the dial for a neat-looking, cohesive design that certainly has potential. I’ve seen this in other replcia watches where a stripe on the dial is mirrored on the strap (or vice-versa, however you want to look at it), and in many instances it looks quite handsome. In addition to the Gucci Marché des Merveilles collection, the brand is also releasing at least four new versions of the Gucci Dive, with these animal-decorated dials.

High Quality Replica Gucci Dive Watches With Embroidery & Rubber Animal Dials

The smaller, 40mm-wide model is water-resistant to 200 meters and comes in a steel case with rubber flanked sides colored in black or yellow to match the strap and main dial color. Over the dial is a sapphire crystal and around the face is a rotating diver-style bezel – which, in addition to being sporty, actually helps make the dial legible, since it lacks hour markers.

The dials of these replica 40mm-wide Gucci Dive watches are textured rubber (which is uncommon, to say the least) and printed with a detailed (and slightly oddly colored – why is there so much blue?) tiger’s face. Gucci says the printing technique is done in a sort of relief, which gives the dial a three-dimensional effect. I have always liked the style of the hands on the Gucci Dive watches…. Attached to these models are matching yellow or black rubber straps.

High Quality Replica Gucci Dive Watches With Embroidery & Rubber Animal Dials

The fake 45mm-wide Gucci Dive watches with the nylon embroidered faces come with all-black PVD-coated steel cases that are also water-resistant to 200 meters with a sapphire crystal. These are a bit more maturely masculine-looking with the larger size and dark colors. One version has a blue woven nylon dial with red strip through the center that has an embroidered tiger (reference YA136215) or a snake (reference YA136214), and the other model has a green woven nylon dial with a red stripe that has a Gucci-style bee (reference YA136216) embroidered on it. Both come with matching blue-and-red or green-and-red woven nylon straps. These are NATO/Zulu-style straps in the traditional sense, and it is interesting to see how watch companies both of the fashion or classic variety continue to treat this trend. Gucci prints “L’aveugle Par Amour” on the NATO/Zulu-style straps.

High Quality Fake Swiss Made Formex DS 2100

Formex DS 2100 is a technical diver timepiece with a dynamic allure, combines the essentials of design, quality and robustness. Like all Formex models, it features the patented suspension system.

  With an exciting overall aspect and clear square-round fake Formex DNA, the  DS 2100 stands out of the crowd. The prominent rotating bezel with large numbers and a minimalistic dial design, offer perfect readability, whether you are way below the surface or simply use it in our day to day life. Equipped with a sapphire glass, the DS 2100 is ready for the most extreme under-water encounters or the occasional bump against a hard object. The case back offers a look into the inner workings of the movements

formex ds 2100

Its patented case suspension system not only absorbs shocks but also significantly adds to the wearing comfort of all fake Formex watches. The replica DS2100 comes in a wide range of colors, straps and bracelets and is also available with a quartz movement.
formex ds 2100

Fake Formex timepieces are now exclusively available in the brand’s own online store which allows them to lower the prices by almost 50%, by cutting out the retailers. Features like free super-fast shipping and free returns add to the benefits of buying directly from the brand. The prices include all taxes and import duties for international shipments.



Case Diameter:



Titanium G2 / Stainless steel 316L 1.044




Patented case suspension


20ATM (200 m)


black dial


sapphire crystal anti-reflective and hard-coated


Titanium/stainless steel bracelet with folding clasp

The Rolex Deep Sea Special Review

March 2012 UPDATE:  See Our Special Report on the New Rolex Deepsea Challenge Watch !!!

“This is Trieste. We are on the bottom of Challenger Deep. . . . Over.”

— U.S. Navy LT Don Walsh, on January 23, 1960

The Watch Replica that is water-resistant to 35,840 feet…in the metal…

Yes, that’s right — 35,840 feet deep, or about 11,000 meters — is how deep the Rolex Deep Sea Special has been.  That’s the equivalent of almost 7 miles below the surface. In fact it was to the bottom of the deepest part of Ocean — the southern end of the Mariana Trench known simply as “Challenger Deep” — that the Watch Replica and two brave souls went, 50 years ago.

Thanks to the great people at Liljenquist & Beckstead of McLean VA (Washington DC), I recently had the privilege and honor to experience firsthand this Rolex Deep Sea Special.  As one of the pre-eminent Rolex dealers on the East Coast (among the many other luxury brands they carry — A. Lange, Hublot, Breguet, et al.), Lijenquist & Beckstead was selected to play host to a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the TRIESTE‘s descent aka the “Deepest Dive”.

In the below photo, Don Walsh explains the TRIESTE.  The sphere at the bottom of the vessel that Walsh is pointing to is where he and Piccard were situated for the mission — about the size of a large refrigertator, according to Walsh.  And for **just** 9 hours!  Interestingly, as Walsh explained it, the Rolex Deep Sea Special was not technically affixed to the outside of the vessel  (though obviously was still exposed to the ocean elements and every bit of the pressure).  Did I just shatter a bit of popular Watch Replica folklore?

Specifically, they put on a fine event hosting U.S. Navy LT Don Walsh (co-captain of the TRIESTE) and senior representatives of Rolex USA.  And of course, the legendary Rolex Deep Sea Special was front and center.

It was January 23, 1960, to be precise, and the two brave souls were U.S. Navy LT Don Walsh and Swiss engineer Jacques Piccard.  They piloted TRIESTE, a crude vessel known as a bathyscaph, to the “Challenger Deep” and back.  And they took a very special Rolex with them.  The feat of a human, or a Watch Replica , descending to such depths has never been repeated.

I must say it was quite an honor to shake hands and chat with LT Don Walsh.  If you want to know what a true American Hero is like, you need go no farther than Don Walsh.  In my brief conversation with him, Don was wonderful — easy to speak with and clearly full of knowledge stemming from his lifetime of experience in and around the marine environment.  I only wish I had more time to question and listen to the stories of his achievement and adventure.  Don was gracious to make himself available for several hours at the store, chatting with fans and enthusiasts, signing autographs, shaking hands, and posing for pictures (don’t mind that non-Rolex wearing fellow on the right):

Not surprisingly, Don Walsh has been a Rolex-wearer since 1960.  And the man knows how to throw down a wrist shot:

Doing a bit of research on the topic, I came to discover that there are myriad reports of Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard’s famous journey.  For example, Jake’s Rolex Blog has extensive writings on the subject.  Thus the reason that the focus of this article is on my personal experience with Don Walsh and the Rolex Deep Sea Special and not much more.   I will, however, recommend two very recent, very nicely written articles that I came across that I think you will enjoy.

First, Navy honors officer 50 years after voyage to ocean depths, by Michael E. Ruane, The Washington Post (excerpt below):

The sunlight began to fade a few hundred feet down. Shades of gray turned to black. The steel structure groaned as the water pressure increased, and the Trieste sank toward the fabled gorge in the Pacific Ocean floor known as Challenger Deep.

“Don Walsh is one of only two people to have visited Earth’s deepest place, and no one else has come close,” said Gil Grosvenor, National Geographic’s chairman of the board. “His accomplishment ranks along with those of our other Hubbard Medal recipients, people like Robert Byrd, Charles Lindbergh, and Robert Ballard.” Jacques Piccard died in 2008, at the age of 86.”


and Deepest Dive: Geographic Honors Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, by Ford Cochran, National Geographic (exerpt below):

…National Geographic bestowed its highest honor, the Hubbard Medal, on Walsh in a ceremony at our Washington, D.C. headquarters. The U.S. Department of the Navy also awarded Walsh its Distinguished Public Service Award.

One thousand feet. Two thousand feet. At 2,400 feet, the two crewmen dimmed the cabin lights to let their eyes adjust. At about 13,000 feet, they entered the abyssal zone — “the timeless world of eternal darkness,” one of them wrote later.

At 31,000 feet, they echo-sounded for the bottom. There was no return. At 32,400 feet, a thick window cracked with a bang. Farther down they went. Into the bleak hadal zone, named for Hades, the ancient Greek underworld. Finally, at 35,800 feet, then-Navy Lt. Don Walsh, 28, phoned the surface: “This is Trieste. We are on the bottom of Challenger Deep. . . . Over.”

In summary, let me again extend my thanks and congratulations to everyone at Liljenquist & Beckstead for the fine event.  And a very special thank you also goes to freelance photographer Dunks Photo for the first class camera work.

50 years later, I and the rest of the world look back in awe and wonder on the inspirational achievement of Don Walsh, Jacques Piccard, and the Rolex Deep Sea Special!

You can see many more (and slightly larger) pictures of the event in my photo report by clicking here.


OMEGA Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon launches

The OMEGA Speedmaster in black ceramic

The OMEGA Speedmaster in black ceramic

The Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon”, announced by OMEGA last November, is already on the grail piece of many fans of the brand and replica Watch collectors in general.


To mark the launch of this new Speedmaster, OMEGA thrown a cocktail party, in partnership with the Artists Council, Director’s Council, and Future Leadership Council of the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Actor Patrick Wilson, actresses Taylor Schilling and Jaime King along with model Coco Rocha and New York Giant Jason Pierre-Paul joined the luxury brand at a cocktail party with the Whitney Museum of American Art at Cedar Lake in New York, where notables including Wes Gordon, Jodie and Danielle Snyder, Yigal Azrouël, Laura De Gunzburg, Elizabeth Kurpis, Nicole & Matthew Mellon, Thom Felicia, Lydia Fenet and Helen Schifter mingled with Jean-Pascal Perret, OMEGA Vice President of Communications & PR.

With this model, OMEGA wishes to honor the astronauts of the Apollo 8 mission, who in 1968 were the first people to see the dark side of the moon with their own eyes.

The case of “Dark Side of the Moon” is crafted from a single block of black zirconium oxide ceramic, an innovation that evokes the mysteriousness and allure of space. It is powered by the Co-Axial caliber 9300, the first of the brand’s exclusive in-house movement to incorporate a chronograph function.

DJ Hannah Bronfman provided the entertainment at the party that featured art installations, both video and still, highlighting the replica Watch’s design elements and the celestial body that inspired it.

Actor, Patrick Wilson wearing a Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon timepiece

Actor, Patrick Wilson wearing a Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon timepiece

Actress, Taylor Schilling at the OMEGA Dark Side of the Moon Event

Actress, Taylor Schilling at the OMEGA Dark Side of the Moon Event

Model, Coco Rocha at the OMEGA Dark Side of the Moon Event

Model, Coco Rocha at the OMEGA Dark Side of the Moon Event

OMEGA Dark Side of the Moon event at Cedar Lake

OMEGA Dark Side of the Moon event at Cedar Lake

Introducing CORUM Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Double Tourbillon

CORUM Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Double Tourbillon made of grade 5 titanium.

CORUM Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Double Tourbillon made of grade 5 titanium.

Regarded as the epitome of sporting chic in the noblest sense of the term, the Admiral’s Cup now welcomes an eminently complicated new movement: hand-wound Caliber CO 1008. This exclusive mechanism features nothing less than a double tourbillon, combined with a retrograde date and an ingenious time-adjustment system.

Simply by pressing the crown pushbutton, the wearer can bring the minutes hand instantly to the 12th index so as to set the exact time – and this can be done up to five minutes before or after a full hour.rolex replica watches

Available in 18K red gold or grade 5 titanium, the case of the Admiral’s Cup AC-One Double Tourbillon stylishly displays a generous 45 mm diameter enhanced by an immediately recognizable design. Clearly cut out for adventure, it is endowed with impressive water resistance to a depth of 300 meters.

Contemporary and sophisticated

Embodying an authentic horological challenge, Caliber CO 1008 finds the perfect stage setting in the iconic twelve-sided case of the Admiral’s Cup – born in 1960 and redesigned in 2013, while remaining staunchly true to the signature codes that have earned it legendary status. Based on a contemporary architecture featuring alternating polished and satin-brushed finishes, its layered construction comprises black PVD-coated titanium inserts appearing in turn between the case back and middle and then between the bezel and the case middle – all contributing to a masterfully structured aesthetic approach.

For over two centuries, the tourbillon has been a symbol of chronometric precision. Designed to compensate for gravity-induced rate variations in vertical positions, it remains one of the major complications that is the hardest to produce. Corum has achieved an authentic tour de force in equipping its new Caliber CO 1008 with not just one but indeed two parallel-mounted tourbillons, dedicated to ensuring remarkable reliability backed by a generous 72-hour power reserve. And the feat doesn’t stop there, since this masterfully orchestrated mechanism is fitted with a retrograde date and a particularly innovative time adjustment device.

The dial swept over by luminescent hands and hour-markers is adorned with an exclusive design specially developed for Corum: the split pomegranate motif. Forming small diagonally-incised squares, this composition creates an elegant depth effect accentuated by the inner bezel ring stamped with the emblematic nautical pennants of the Admiral’s Cup collection.

More about Corum at www.corum.ch


Admiral's Cup Chronograph 48 Bol d'Or Mirabaud - Photo: Marc Ninghetto

Admiral’s Cup Chronograph 48 Bol d’Or Mirabaud – Photo: Marc Ninghetto

CORUM links its name to the world’s most important regatta on an inland lake by becoming Presenting Sponsor of the Bol d’Or Mirabaud, which will commence on June 12. Reaffirming its commitment to sailing, CORUM is continuing its history and expanding its presence in the sailing sponsorship arena.


CORUM is very pleased to be associated with this major event. This partnership is completely consistent with existing partnerships and is in line with the brand’s primary goal which is to create long-term value.

The Bol d’Or has indeed become one of the favorite venues of the Okalys-Corum team who won the regatta twice in the past five years (in 2005 and 2007). It is also to be noted that at the time of these two victories, the skipper alongside Nicolas Grange was Loïck Peyron, CORUM’s new ambassador. With his breathtaking list of accomplishments, the Frenchman, who is regarded as one of the greatest sailors, keeps a unique memory of his past participation in this regatta: « To win the lake’s most popular regatta is quite an achievement. Before I used to follow it from a distance, but in 2005 when we won it for the first time, Nicolas Grange presented us with a small replica of the highly coveted trophy. It still takes pride of place on my desk.»

The Bol d’Or Mirabaud, currently in its 72nd year, is unlike any other regatta in the world. The legendary race is a place where sailing stars are mixed with non-professional sailors, and the event is the pride of the Lake Geneva region and delights sailing enthusiasts.

Organized for the first time in 1939, this large nautical festival has become one of the greatest classics of the international regatta calendar. Each year, nearly six hundred sailboats and champions from all over Europe meet at the starting line, in the company of more than 3,000 participants from all backgrounds, having their passion for sailing in common.


Michel Glaus, Antonio Calce and Antonio Palma Photo: Marc Ninghetto

Michel Glaus, Antonio Calce and Antonio Palma Photo: Marc Ninghetto

CORUM CEO Antonio Calce said:
« The rebirth of the CORUM brand, which has expressed itself by returning to its roots, has naturally brought us to support the sailing world to which we have always had a strong connection. I am proud to associate CORUM with the historical regatta of the Bol d’Or. Today we build our future in continuity as in 1994, the Corum boat that participated in the 56th edition of the Bol d’Or won the monohull class competition and still holds the record in this category (Bol d’Or Vermeil). We therefore are looking forward to participating in this great adventure of which values cherished by CORUM, such as authenticity and passion, are also the key words of the event. »

This new partnership is strengthening the brand’s ties not only to amazing sailors such as Ben Ainslie and Loïck Peyron but also to prestigious sailing events such as the Grand Prix Corum, which this year will be the final race in the Challenge Julius Baer, taking place on September 17, 18 and 19.

In order to celebrate this partnership, CORUM will launch a limited edition “Admiral’s Cup Chronograph 48 Bol d’Or Mirabaud 2010 “ of 35 pieces. The special edition of the brand’s iconic model famous for its dodecagonal bezel and a dial decorated with nautical pennants, will play with the colors of the regatta which are Blue and Gold. The model will symbolize the partnership by becoming the official replica Watch of the Bol d’Or Mirabaud and one of these limited edition timepieces will be presented to the winning team of the Bol d’Or and the Bol de Vermeil.

Managing Partner and Member of the Executive Committee of Mirabaud, Antonio Palma, added:
« Every year we look forward to the unique event that is the Bol d’Or Mirabaud. At the 72nd regatta, we are pleased to welcome CORUM by our side as presenting sponsor. We anticipate that the future of this collaboration will bring great rewards to all parties during one of the most important sporting events in Geneva. »


The racecourse is as simple as it can get: Genève – Le Bouveret – Genève. There is only one mark on the course, halfway through the race (at Le Bouveret).

The real time winner of the Genève-Le Bouveret-Genève race wins the Bol d’Or Challenge, which is presented each year, however if it is won three times in the previous five years by the same owner, it can be kept by the winner indefinitely. Only three boats have achieved this in over 70 years of the regatta: the Marie-José II owned by Horace Julliard (1961, 1962 and 1963), the Altaïr IX owned by Philippe Stern (1980, 1982 and 1984) and Ernesto Bertarelli’s Alinghi (1997, 2000 and 2001).

The Bol de Vermeil Trophy rewards exclusively the first monohull to cross the finishing line. As for the Bol d’Or Challenge, it has to be won three times in five years to be awarded indefinitely.



Over the past few years, CORUM has undergone a complete transformation that has enabled it to achieve a perfect match between the products and the demands for quality and creativity that are the very foundations of its credibility. Its firmly upscale move is a logical result of the brand’s efforts to recapture its historical standing while significantly reinforcing its horological substance. CORUM’s substantial investments have led to the integration of replica Watchmaking skills, the development of production tools, the enhancement of human resources and the promotion of staff training. The result is a brand once again entirely in tune with its genetic heritage.

Bol d’Or Mirabaud Organization Committee President, Michel Glaus, said:
« As the world’s most important regatta on an inland lake, the Bol d’Or has always been able to count on very prestigious partners. The 2010 regatta will not be an exception as the Bol d’Or Mirabaud is pleased to welcome CORUM as the new “presenting sponsor”, alongside our title sponsor, Mirabaud private bank. We look forward to our future collaboration with this renowned replica Watchmaking company, long known for its strong identification with the world of international sailing.»

While passion, determination and innovation are associated with CORUM’s image today, it is mainly shared values that are at the heart of this partnership. The magnificent adventure will take place June 11-13, 2010.

Positioned as an exclusive brand, CORUM offers high-quality replica Watch collections featuring innovative and distinctive design, and equipped with sophisticated mechanical movements. Its 150 current models, spread between four key pillars – Admiral’s Cup, Romvlvs, Corum Bridges and Artisans – enjoy a legitimacy rooted in the brand history. The full set of collections comprises models at prices ranging from 5,000 to 1 million Swiss francs and giving pride of place to precious metals and horological complications.

In 1960, the first interpretation of the Admiral’s Cup model paved the way for CORUM’s success. This model remains thanks to its history, which is inextricably bound up with major sailing competitions and prestigious sailors, as well as for its inimitable esthetic based on a twelve-sided case and a dial set off by twelve nautical pennants. These are its distinctive and unmistakable identifying characteristics.

The Most Popular CORUM Opens its First Boutique in Hong Kong

The Corum Boutique in Hong Kong

The Corum Boutique in Hong Kong

For several years, CORUM has been a privileged partner of Swiss Prestige, one of the major partners for fine replica Watches Replica in Hong Kong & China. Convinced by the tremendous potential of the Asian market, CORUM has strengthened its retailers’ network in Asia opening 3 new POS in 2009 and plans to open between 5 and 10 new addresses in 2010 in the 4 major areas of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzen and in major cities of Harbin, Changchun, Hangzhou, Kunming, Shenyiang.

Opened on Christmas day in the Central District, the CORUM boutique is the first flagship store of the brand. Representing 40% of Corum’s turnover, the Far East market has grown quickly by double digit yearly increases since 2007. Hong Kong has thus become the place to be and a key market for the brand. A strategic opening that crowns a strong distribution network of 17 POS in Hong Kong.

At the end of 2009, the two partners merged their skills and strengths to open the first CORUM boutique in Hong Kong. A very strong message given by the two partners, a snub to the economic downturn, and reflecting the increasing attractiveness of CORUM in the market.


The Corum Boutique in Hong Kong

The Corum Boutique in Hong Kong

Asian Market

In Macao, the brand will open its second point of sale at Europe (1 Central Mall). Macao has become the place to be as Chinese visitors have selected it as the preferred location for their shopping activities.

In Hong Kong, Corum will relocate some of its points of sale to enhance its visibility by being showcased in more prominent areas. The brand wants to strengthen its presence as 80% to 90% of the business is generated by Chinese clients. To ensure our brand visibility and to respond to growing market demand, we will reinforce our presence with 5 to 10 new POS in 2010.

Located on one of the finest streets in the world, CORUM has selected the Mecca of Asian prosperity to host its brand showcase. Situated close to the famous area of LankwaiFong, the boutique sits among the most prestigious addresses & prime financial area in Central, which is the heart of the business district. It is also one of the major tourist attraction areas in Hong Kong, where major celebrations are held attracting thousands of local people & travelers alike. This Haute Horlogerie boutique offers an exclusive CORUM showcase, helping to promote our image, whilst playing an ambassadorial role for CORUM’s points of sale around the world.

The brand slogan “UNLOCK & CONQUER” welcomes you to a symbolic representation of our brand. Showcasing eye-catching decor, the Corum boutique invites you into an area of 25 square meters to discover our brand DNA and to experience the Corum philosophy.

Corum has gained tremendous visibility in the past few years by benefiting from retailers large corner exhibition areas ranging from 12 to 18 m2.