Look At Cool Replica Eric Clapton’s Platinum Patek Ref 2499/100 Fetches $3.6 Million

Please visit Perpetuelle’s original story of September 26, 2012 for more extensive detail.  The Clapton Patek came in just above the mid-point estimate, which is probably a slight disappointment to some but expected by others.  The elegant platinum J.B. Champion Patek replica— which carried the same pre-auction estimate as the Clapton 2499 — fetched just over $4 million ($4.012 million).  Though the J.B. Champion Patek lacks the rock musician cachet of Clapton’s 2499/100, it does have one distinguishing element that very understandably justifies its higher value (among other reasons) — it is a one-of-a-kind piece (vs. two platinum Patek 2499/100 which exist).  I will also be writing later this week about the J.B. Champion Patek.