Hands On Swiss Made Replica Frederique Constant Manufacture Heart Beat

Frederique Constant Manufacture Heart Beat 3 - PerpetuelleIn a short span of only 20 years, Frederique Constant has come remarkably close to becoming a full-fledged manufacture for each and every one of its Watches Replica Replica. Slowly but surely, the brand has supplemented existing production, which was initially based heavily upon ETA calibers, with works of art coveted by the Watch Replica community—that is, exclusive and lavishly decorated proprietary movements available at a reasonable price.

Many Cheap Frederique Constant models fare well next to the competition, but their manufacture collection presents a particularly fantastic value proposition. Much like Nomos, a brand revered for design prowess, integration, and innovation, Frederique Constant boasts similar achievements, though in a slightly different way. The brand dabbles in legitimate haute horology, for instance, through tourbillions, with clean design language and limited production numbers to boot. And, predictably, those carry a hefty price, but fear not; the tourbillons are merely a way to demonstrate dexterity and R&D as a relatively young brand, as technology and design trickles down to more affordable Watches Replica Replica.

See the purple escapement peeking out from within the movement?

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Frederique Constant Manufacture Heart Beat 2 - Perpetuelle…which leads us to a particular Watch Replica showcasing a number of interesting developments. Dubbed the Manufacture Heart Beat, an open heart is naturally a part of the equation, but the design language is unique in that the Watch Replica features a ribbed plate visible through a cutout in the dial. That is, of course, a love-it-or-hate-it type of feature much like an open heart itself, but the look is refreshing and proves Frederique Constant simply isn’t going through the motions—there’s real development here in creating a brand identity.

As expected, the Manufacture Heart Beat comes in a variety of configurations, but the most striking are the models with roman numerals and guilloché dials. Referenced by numbers FC-945MC4H9 and FC-945MC4H6, their designs are rather so-so in over-edited stock photos, but they come to life in person and with the handiwork of a decent camera. The guilloché pops brilliantly in the right lighting, while the exposed plate offers a slice of exoticness normally reserved for Watches Replica Replica occupying the higher echelons of horology. The aesthetic is also important for a handful of reasons: for one, the open heart looks legitimately expensive and, two, the layout, featuring a moon phase, a date designated by a hand, and 24-hour sub-dial, is like nothing else in the price range.

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Frederique Constant Manufacture Heart Beat Movement - PerpetuelleNotable about the current iteration of the Manufacture Heart Beat is the movement, which celebrates 10 years of the collection. Prior to 2014, the Watches Replica Replica featured incremental improvements every few years, but little, if any, rivaled the introduction of the silicium escapement at the heart of Frederique Constant’s development, caliber FC-945. Elegnat Frederique Constant replica claims the escapement requires no lubrication, thus eliminating drastic wear if the movement isn’t properly oiled or allowed to expire past recommended service intervals. The brand also notes that the escapement is more efficient than one of more conventional means and is lower friction, requiring less energy.

In terms of operation, the movement is tight and offers a reassuring click when popping the crown back into place. The date hand snaps confidently into position when selecting the desired date, and the moon phase is buttery smooth when turning to the correct position. Coupled with the decoration on the movement itself—front and back—Frederique Constant has a real winner on its hands. The embossed gold rotor, abundant perlage, damaskeening, and blued screws are traditional Swiss Watch Replica making at its finest. The young brand clearly put its expertise to good use—and at a friendly price point relative to competitors.

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Frederique Constant Manufacture Heart Beat 4 - Perpetuelle

On the wrist, the Manufacture Heat Beat is just as appealing, with a very modern 42mm case size being a happy medium between bigger and smaller Watches Replica Replica. Given the functionality of the movement, the overall package is very thin, too, at just under 12mm thick and poses a valid question: why don’t manufactures work to make complicated or tech-packed Watches Replica Replica a tad thinner? Regardless, at least Frederique Constant is catering to fans of thinner Watches Replica Replica stuffed with functionality, and that’s yet another reason to love the Manufacture Heart Beat collection.

The Verdict: The photos alone likely tell the whole story, but the Manufacture Heart Beat is a very fine and elegant Watch Replica . The movement finishing goes above and beyond what’s expected of its $6,500 price point, and Frederique Constant is, again, to be commended for its efforts. It’s reasonable to surmise that, with time, and as brand cachet increases, Frederique Constant may very well raise its prices, but for now, the Manufacture Heart Beat is a Watch Replica to beat.

Watch courtesy of Moyer Fine Jewelers.