Do We Need Another OS for SmartWatches Replica? SWatches ReplicaOS?

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Do we even need a third OS for smartwatches at this point?  Not to discourage innovation, but on this topic, we think not.  And we said so a couple weeks ago.  And we’re not the only ones, as per the recent articles we also link to below.  Opinions welcome.

1/ Swatch Group creates the world’s smallest Bluetooth chip. Exciting enough.

— Perpetuelle (@perpetuelle) March 6, 2017

2/ Swatch Group & CSEM (both Swiss) working to develop a unique Swiss Made ecosystem. Hmmm…

— Perpetuelle (@perpetuelle) March 6, 2017

3/ Swatch/CSEM ecosystem designed to meet the needs of small connected objects (#IoT) & of course, Watches Replica Replica.

— Perpetuelle (@perpetuelle) March 6, 2017

4/ Swatch/CSEM platform to be built around a new, bespoke operating system. Wait, whaaaa??? A Bespoke OS for IoT? ?

— Perpetuelle (@perpetuelle) March 6, 2017

5/ While the Swatch/CSEM hardware/chip innovation sounds exciting. Seriously questioning if the market needs a “bespoke operating system”

— Perpetuelle (@perpetuelle) March 6, 2017

6/ Think #android #google #apple #ios already have it covered. Just ask #blackberry. Swatch seems out of touch here. But, good luck. /end

— Perpetuelle (@perpetuelle) March 6, 2017

And a bit more emphatically:

Srsly what is point of #Swatch developing an OS to COMPETE w/ #iOS and @Android??? Long odds. We are skeptical.

— Perpetuelle (@perpetuelle) March 17, 2017

And now there’s this guy:  SwatchOS: Not A Smart Decision. <—–What he said.


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