Hands On Fake Armin Strom Edge Double Barrel

Armin Strom Edge Double Barrel - Baselworld 2016 - Perpetuelle

Independent Watch Replica maker cheap Armin Strom ups its mojo for 2016 with the new Edge Double Barrel, with a completely new case size and design that brings a bigger, bolder option to the brand’s lineup.  Having well established the brand’s identity over the last 5-6 years, I have been wondering what might be next for the brand, and although this is a limited edition piece we see very clearly now that Armin Strom has opted to bring a stronger and more avante-garde aesthetic to the table with the Edge.  Perhaps suggesting to me that Armin Strom sees its opportunity very strongly to identify not with the traditional or classical design lover, but with someone who prefers Watches Replica Replica that have a more powerful, masculine presence on the wrist.


Armin Strom director and chief horologist Claude Greisler puts forth a similar sentiment:

The time is right for ARMIN STROM to step out with a stronger aesthetic. We’ve grown in confidence and are ready to be bolder about our vision and design.  Our goal is to create models with real staying power that will become iconic for the brand.”

Armin Strom Edge Double Barrel

Armin Strom Edge Double Barrel - front view - Perpetuelle

While keeping core design DNA (the “tabbed” case, the openworked dial), the Edge is much different than existing Armin Strom pieces in much of its detail.  You can immediately see the Edge Double Barrel’s case is more intricate, with recesses in the lugs and a sharply notched, sloped bezel — giving new dimensions and a completely different look vs. prior designs.

The spider-shaped crown wheels are very attractive — reminiscent of something one might see on a tricked out Range Rover or other high end vehicle — and they really set the tone for the dial. The surrounding components on the movement share the angular design and have a cross-grinded/roughened finish which serve together to give the Watch Replica a somewhat industrial look.  New also is the large Arabic numeral hour indicators and the 60-second register with integrated power reserve indicator.

Perhaps most “edgy” to me is the choice of case dimensions.  Though not thicker, the Edge case is larger than the brand’s existing case design by a full 3mm, with a 46.80mm diameter.  While providing more depth and dimensionality and views of the caliber, this definitely puts the Edge on the larger end of the size spectrum and certainly at the larger end of what my wrist can accommodate, size-wise.  But I’ll reserve final judgement on this decision until I’ve seen it in the metal.

Armin Strom Edge Double Barrel - caseback - Perpetuelle

Looking through the caseback, you will see similar geometry as on the front of the ARM16 manual wind caliber, and even more prominently you will see the cross-grinded finish of the mainplate which reinforces the industrial, masculine aesthetic of the design.  Armin Strom has also defined itself with its original caliber designs and this one is no different.

Armin Strom Edge ARM 16 Caliber - fronta and back - Perpetuelle

All in all, I think this is a nice evolution for the brand, blending its core design codes with an even bolder design that might serve as a platform to further build the brand around in the years to come.

The Armin Strom Edge Double Barrel is a limited edition of 100 pieces, and will be priced at 26,900 Swiss Francs.