Baselworld 2017: Patek Philippe Black Dial 5960/1A

Patek Philippe 5960-1A - Black Dial - Perpetuelle

One small taste from Patek Philippe’s 2017 lineup to be unveiled later this week at Baselworld.  The new black dial 5960/1A follows the white dialed version of the same which debuted in 2014.   Though I find my self to be a fan of Patek more often than not, I am not a strong admirer of this 5960/1A design, in either color.  This is not to say that there aren’t many willing to pay handsome sums for an automatic annual calendar flyback chronograph — in a steel case — with the words Patek Philippe on it, and of course blogs willing to hype it as one of the hottest high-end sport Watches Replica Replica you’ll be able to find anywhere.  As for me, I prefer to wait and see what else is to come from Patek in a few short days before working myself into a lather.

Patek Philippe 5960-1A Watch Replica  - Black Dial - Perpetuelle