Armin Strom – Fire & Pure Resonance Water Replica Buyers Guide

Pure Resonance Water & Fire

In general, Replica Armin Strom Watches Replica carefully maintains a pared-down approach that keeps the brand’s style of watchmaking focused on its essence. The latest version of Resonance heads further in that direction, squarely placing emphasis on the watch’s most remarkable feature: the visible dual balances oscillating in resonance.

The dial now offers just two subdials for time displays: Roman numerals dominate the off-center subdial displaying hours and minutes, while a classic railroad track marks the exact minutes. The smaller subdial at 7 o’clock displays seconds using only a baton-shaped white hand and a simple track.

Technology in Service to Chronometry

The goal of the Pure Resonance has not changed: to display the interesting resonant balances while improving overall precision. To this end, brand director Claude Greisler has removed the twin seconds flyback mechanism of Caliber ARF15, replacing them with one clear-cut subsidiary seconds subdial.

The reason for this watch’s improved chronometry can be found in the straightforward approach to the movement: the fewer functions a timepiece must perform, the better it can concentrate on accuracy. The time displays receive their portioned energy from the lower regulator, while the upper regulator remains in place to create resonance.

This conceptual forthrightness is reflected in the design of the movement: Caliber ARF16 showcases the resonant regulators and playful resonance clutch spring. New bridges are decorated with côtes de Genève, applied for the first time at Armin Strom in straight lines.

Retail prices: Pure Resonance Water CHF 49,000; Pure Resonance Fire CHF 62,000

Pure Resonance Water & Fire

Pure Resonance Fire © Armin Strom

Classic Size

The timepiece comes in a slimmer 42 mm stainless steel – for the Water version – or 18-karat rose gold case – for the Fore version – (1.4 mm smaller than the original version) with reduced lugs and crown and practically no bezel, though the characteristic lip at 6 o’clock remains – an homage to the ability of Armin Strom to customize any of its watches as well as to founder Armin Strom, who offered this space to clients for personal engraving (and it can still be used for that).
The skeletonization of the dial and inherent bridges moves up a notch for this watch, and here we see that a timepiece that would look very much at home in the core catalogue of Armin Strong. So where is the branding? How is this, the big, awful, improved gold roost-ruler supposed to eliminate shirking its advertising responsibilities? Fear not: the case back will take care of that!Yes, the Armin Strom Tourbillon Gumball 3000 goes all out with the movement engraving. The Gumball script emblem has increased in proportion from the Dual Barrel Gumball 3000 and today covers the calibre, edge-to-edge. There’s a little patch of toast, in which the tourbillon sits. This almost round plate is engraved with a great deal of movement details, which are all gilded. I mean, the Gumball logo with this one is mad large, but the entire effect is actually kind of cool. It is a good balance between the class of Armin Strong and the maniacal joie de vivre of the Gumball 3000 racers. The flash of increased golden wheels, poking through the gap between the tourbillon bridge and also the 3/4 plate is really amazing and coordinates the case material with the motion very nicely.In overview, Armin Strom have generated three quite wearable watches to commemorate the 17th anniversary of the Gumball 3000 rally. The Armin Strom Manual Gumball 3000 has a price of $15,200, is part of a numbered series, and includes a leather and a rubber band. The Armin Strom Double Barrel Gumball 3000 will cost $30,800, will also be numbered, and includes a leather strap as well as the trendy rubber/carbon effect strap pictured.

The watches are delivered with a genuine black alligator strap and stainless steel or rose gold ardillon buckle, as well as an additional black rubber strap. A double-folding clasp is available as an option.

Pure Resonance Water & Fire

Pure Resonance Water © Armin Strom