Armin Strom – Armin Strom presents 180 new models at Baselworld 2017 Replica Suppliers

It has been familiar to car buyers for a number of years, in some cases even going as far as replacing the bricks and motor showroom for car makers. But it is only now starting to gain traction in the watch industry. What is it? It’s the “configurator”. Basically it’s an application that allows you to choose the individual components of your watch. The reason that it has not caught on earlier is that many watch brands do not have full control over the components that they use in their watches and cannot therefore offer such a choice. But with the increasing possibilities of watch customisation, such applications are becoming more widespread.
The zany script emblem provides the backdrop to the going seconds hand. I don’t love this dial, but I think it looks a whole lot better on the wrist than on macro pictures. The bare metal that reveals through the skeletonized dial cries attractively in real life; in pictures it looks somewhat gray and lifeless against the PVD coated stainless steel case. This one, despite being really scaled back, is much more wearable. Because of this, it may appeal to Gumball memorabilia collectors over its two enormous brothers.Talking of dimensions, all 3 watches measure 43.4mm round and 13mm thick, and they are water resistant to 50 meters. They also sport slightly conical, fluted crowns. These days, 43.4mm isn’t the biggest thing you will see at the end of someone’s arm, but it’s a large chunk of metal. I have always thought that angling the twisting button in this manner is really a smart, mobility-increasing move. If you own a watch in this way, you may well need it to be noticed, but that does not mean you wish to always notice its existence yourself!If watch number one was too dim for you, the level of ostentation is ramped up with all the Armin Strom Double Barrel Gumball 3000. This is my favorite of the trio. The black case is PVD coated titanium this moment, and it houses the ARM12-GB self-winding calibre. The dual barrel attribute kicks out a 10-day power book, meaning this is certainly a watch you can depend on for long car journeys! The motion is again visible through the off-centre cutaway dial, but in this scenario, we can observe a few more functional components peeping through. The large, circularly grained wheels grab the light excellently and breathe a whole lot of life within this watch face.

Such a configurator is what allows Armin Strom Watches Ebay Replica to boast, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, that it is presenting 180 new models at Baselworld this year. Since the brand’s annual production is barely more than a couple of thousand watches, the figure seems staggering. But it is also virtual. The fact that Armin Strom can offer this service at all is thanks to its extremely high level of vertical integration. Around 95% of the components in an Armin Strom watch are produced internally at the company’s workshop in Bienne, Switzerland.

It all starts with the movement, which buyers can choose from the range of the brand’s existing mechanical calibres. But since Armin Strom also has its own in-house galvanising department, it can also offer a choice of colours, finishes and engravings for the movements, or just for individual components. The buyer can then complete his or her watch with their own choice of case material, the style and colour of the dial and hands, the clasp and even the colour of the stitching on the strap. The price is constantly adapted on screen as the different options are chosen, even though the watches bought via the configurator are no more expensive than the brand’s series production models.

Such systems call into question the relationship between the brand, its retail network and the customer, however, since the configurator effectively bypasses the in-store retail experience. The customer can even choose to pick up their watch directly from the workshop in Bienne, with a free tour of the factory thrown in. But Armin Strom stresses that its Watch Configurator will also be an indispensable tool for its authorised dealers to assist customers with their choice of a watch.